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828 THIRTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 277. 1854.. authorize the people of Missouri Territory to form a constitution and State government, and for the admission of such _State into the Union on an equal footing with the original States, and to prohibit slavery in certain Territories," were prescribed or intended in relation to sections num. bered sixteen. Approved, August 5, 1854. July 27, 1854. CHAP. CCLXXVII.-—-An Act jbr the Relief of Joseph Campau. Be tt enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United patent to bg States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of l¤¤¤¤d*0 J- C€¤¤· the General Land-Oflice cause a. patent to be issued to Joseph Campau, K;‘£.1f€;°fffg£ for that tract of land lying in township number six north, of range sevengan. teen east, in the State of Michigan, and described as follows, to wit: sixteen arpens by forty French measure, commencing at a point on the south border of the river An Delude, about two miles from its confluence with the river St. Clair, and thence up stream, upon said river Delucle, sixteen arpens ; thence at right angles with the said river Delude, to the distance of forty arpens; thence in rear sixteen arpens; thence to the place of beginning by a line of forty arpens in length. Sec. 2. And be it farther enacted, That if the above description be not sufficiently dennite, as to determine the precise boundaries of the said lands, the said commissioner shall cause the said tract of land to be When to be surveyed without delay, and upon the filing of the said survey, together •“"°Y°d· with a plat thereof; in the proper office, the said commissioner shall cause Pmut l·°i$S“°- to be issued to the said Joseph Campau a patent for the lands so describ- Proviso. ed in such survey: Provided, That this act shall only be construed to be a relinquishment on the part of the United States, and shall not interfere with the rights of third persons. Approved, July 27, 1854.