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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-180—DEC. 4, 1987

101 STAT. 1023

Sec. 513. Testing for drug, chemical, and alcohol use and dependency before entry into the Armwi Forces. TITLE VI—COMPENSATION AND OTHER PERSONNEL BENEFITS PART A—PAY AND AUX>WANCES

Sec. 601. Military pay raise for fiscal year 1988. Sec. 602. GAO report on fairness of military housing allowances. PART B—TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION

Sec. 611. Allowance for civilian clothing. Sec. 612. Reimbursement for actual lodging expenses plus per diem for members entitled to travel allowances. Sec. 613. Authorization to pay dislocation allowance in advance. Sec. 614. Transportation allowance to encourage voluntary extensions of tours of duty in foreign countries. Sec. 615. Transportation of family members of seriously ill or injured member. Sec. 616. Authority to transport vehicles leased by members of the Armed Forces. Sec. 617. Reimbursement for travel and transportation expenses when accompanying Members of Congress. PART C—BONUSES AND SPECIAL AND INCENTIVE PAYS

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

621. 622. 623. 624. 625. 626.

Restructuring of career sea pay. Special pay for aviation career officers. Submarine duty incentive pay. Diving pay for members of reserve components. Selective reenlistment bonuses. Extension of enlistment and reenlistment bonus authorities.



Sec. 631. Authority for certain remarried Survivor Benefit Plan particip£mts to withdraw from plan. Sec. 632. Law applicable to occupancy by Coast Guard personnel of substandard family housing units. Sec. 633. Collection of amounts owed to service relief societies from final pay of members. Sec. 634. Limitation on Reserve unit and individual training funding for fiscal year 1988. Sec. 635. Expansion of military spouse emplo3mfient preference. Sec. 636. Reduction in age for nontermination of SBP surviving spouse annuity after remarriage. Sec. 637. Regulations regarding employment and volunteer work of spouses of military personnel. Sec. 638. Test program for reimbursement for adoption expenses. TITLE VII-HEALTH CARE PROVISIONS Sec. 701. Short title. PART A—MEDICAL READINESS

Sec. 711. Revision of reserve forces health professions financial assistance program. Sec. 712. Armed Forces health professions scholarship program. Sec. 713. Education loan repa3mient program for health professionals who serve in the Selected Reserve. Sec. 714. Constructive service credit for officers appointed with health professions experience. Sec. 715. Standby capability for selective service registration of health care personnel. Sec. 716. Limited ceiling removal on special pay for medical officers. Sec. 717. Authority to retain in active status until age 67 reserve officers in medical specialties. Sec. 718. Age for initial appointment of reserve officers in critical medical specialties. Sec. 719. Authority to defer mandatory retirement for age of medical officers. PART B—PEACETIME HEALTH CARE

Sec. 721. Catastrophic loss protection under CHAMPUS. Sec. 722. Two-year prohibition on fee for outpatient care at military medical treatment facilities.