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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

101 STAT. 1024

PUBLIC LAW 100-180—DEC. 4, 1987

Sec. 723. Allocation to health professions of specified portion of Navy officer accessions and growth in end strengths. Sec. 724. Revised deadlines for the use of diagnosis-related groups. Sec. 725. Federal preemption regarding contracts for medical and dental care. Sec. 726. CHAMPUS coverage for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome monitoring equipment. PART C—HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT


Sec. 731. Demonstration project on management of health care in catchment areas and other demonstration projects. Sec. 732. Additional requirements for CHAMPUS reform initiative. .; • Sec. 733. Medical information systems acquisition amendments. Sec. 734. GAO report on payment of certain medical expenses. TITLE Vm—ACQUISITION POLICY ,





Sec. 801. Functions of Director of Operational Test and Evaluation. Sec. 802. Survivability and lethality testing of major systems. Sec. 803. Oversight of cost or schedule variances in certain major acquisition programs. Sec. 804. Truth-in-Negotiations Act amendments. Sec. 805. Allowable costs not to include golden parachute payments. Sec. 806. Requirement for substantial progress on minority and small business contract awards. Sec. 807. Amendments to procurement technical assistance cooperative agreement program. Sec. 808. Rights in technical data. . V '•••'•••'•Sec. 809. Small business set-aside program amendments. Sec. 810. Contract terms and conditions relating to contractor costs for production special tooling and production special test equipment. Part B—OTHER AcQuismoN MATTERS

Sec. 821. Conflict of interest in defense procurement. Sec. 822. Restatement and modification of restrictions on retired military officers regarding certain matters affecting the Government. Sec. 823. Restriction on purchase of foreign-made administrative motor vehicles. Sec. 824. Procurement of manual typewriters from Warsaw Pact countries. Sec. 825. Sense of Congress on preparation of certain economic impact and employment information concerning new acquisition programs. Sec. 901. Sec. 902. Sec. 903. Sec. 904. Sec. 905. Sec. 906. Sec. 907.

TITLE IX—MATTERS RELATING TO ARMS CONTROL Missile technology control regime. Sense of Congress on the Krasnoyarsk radar. Report on compliance by the Soviet Union with Threshold Test Ban Treaty. Congressional findings and declarations concerning arms control negotiations. Report on military consequences of the elimination of ballistic missiles. Report on implications of certain arms control positions. Support for nuclear risk reduction centers. > i '


Sec. 1001. Report on requirements for maintaining NATO's strategy of deterrence. Sec. 1002. Sense of Congress on level of United States forces permanently stationed in Europe in support of NATO. Sec. 1003. Study of future of NATO. "'*"


Sec. 1011. Study of defense expenditures in Japan. Sec. 1012. Sense of Congress regarding Japan's contributions to global stability. PART C—PROCUREMENT MATTERS

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

1021. 1022. 1023. 1024.

Overseas workload program. NATO cooperative project agreements. "<•. Report on co-production or co-assembly of MlAl tank. Weapons storage and security systems. ... »:


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