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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 1676



PUBLIC LAW 100-435—SEPT. 19, 1988

"(B) the Secretary shall foster management improvements by the States pursuant to subsection G>) by requiring State agencies other than those receiving adjustments under subparagraph (A) to develop and implement corrective action plans to reduce payment errors; and '(C) for any fiscal year in which a State agency's payment error rate exceeds the payment error tolerance level for payment error rates announced under paragraph (6), other than for good cause shown, the State agency shall pay to the Secretary an amount equal to its payment error rate less such tolerance level times the total value of allotments issued in such a fiscal year by such State agency. The amount of liability shall not be affected by corrective action under subparagraph (B). "(2) As used in this section— "(A) the term 'payment error rate' means the sum of the point estimates of an overpayment error rate and an underpayment error rate determined by the Secretary from data collected in a probability sample of participating households; "(B) the term 'overpayment error rate' means the percentage of the value of all allotments issued in a fiscal year by a State agency that are either— "(i) issued to households that fail to meet basic program eligibility requirements; or "(ii) overissued to eligible households; and "(C) the term 'underpayment error rate' means the ratio of the value of allotments underissued to recipient households to the total value of allotments issued in a fiscal year by a State agency. "(3) The following errors may be measured for management purposes but shall not be included in the payment error rate: "(A) Any errors resulting in the application of new regulations promulgated under this Act during the first 60 days (or 90 days at the discretion of the Secretary) from the required implementation date for such regulations. '(B) Errors resulting from the use by a State agency of correctly processed information concerning households or individuals received from Federal agencies or from actions based on policy information approved or disseminated, in writing, by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee. "(4) The Secretary may require a State agency to report any factors that the Secretary considers necessary to determine a State agency's payment error rate, enhanced administrative funding, or claim for payment error, under this subsection. If a State agency fails to meet the reporting requirements established by the Secretary, the Secretary shall base the determination on all pertinent information available to the Secretary. "(5) To facilitate the implementation of this subsection each State agency shall submit to the Secretary expeditiously date regarding its operations in each fiscal year sufficient for the Secretary to establish the payment error rate for the State agency for such fiscal year and determine the amount of either incentive pa3mtients under paragraph (I)(A) or claims under paragraph (I)(C), The Secretary shall make a determination for a fiscal year, and notify the State agency of such determination, within nine months following the end of each fiscal year. The Secretary shall initiate efforts to collect the amount owed by the State agency as a claim established under