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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-583—NOV. 3, 1988

102 STAT. 2963

which the applicant may contact the creditor to obtain such information; and "(iii) does not contain any of the items described in paragraph (1). "(D) APPLICATIONS OR SOLICITATIONS CONTAINING SUBSEC-

TION (a) DISCLOSURES.—An application or soUcitation meets the requirement of this subparagraph if it contains, or is accompanied by— "(i) the disclosures required by paragraphs (1) through (6) of subsection (a); "(ii) the disclosures required by subparagraphs (A) and (B) of paragraph (1) of this subsection included clearly and conspiciously (except that the provisions of section 122(c) shall not apply); and "(iii) a toll free telephone number or a mailing address at which the applicant may contact the creditor to obtain any change in the information provided. "(E) PROMPT RESPONSE TO INFORMATION REQUESTS.—Upon

receipt of a request for any of the information referred to in subparagraph (B), (C), or (D), the card issuer or the agent of such issuer shall promptly disclose all of the information described in paragraph (1). '(4) CHARGE CARD APPLICATIONS AND SOLICITATIONS.—

"(A) IN GENERAL.—Any application or solicitation to open a charge card account shall disclose clearly and conspicuously the following information in the form required by section 122(c) of this chapter, subject to subsection (e): "(i) Any annual fee, other periodic fee, or membership fee imposed for the issuance or availability of the charge card, including any account maintenance fee or other charge imposed based on activity or inactivity for the account during the billing cycle. "(ii) Any transaction charge imposed in connection with use of the card to purchase goods or services. "(iii) A statement that charges incurred by use of the charge card are due and payable upon receipt of a periodic statement rendered for such charge card account. "(B) OTHER INFORMATION.—In addition to the information

required to be disclosed under subparagraph (A), each written application or solicitation to which such subparagraph applies shall disclose clearly and conspicuously the following information, subject to subsections (e) and (f): "(i) CASH ADVANCE FEE.—Any fee imposed for an

extension of credit in the form of cash, "(ii) LATE FEE.—Any fee imposed for a late payment, "(iii) OVER-THE-LIMIT FEE.—Any fee imposed in connection with an extension of credit in excess of the amount of credit authorized to be extended with respect to such account. "(C) APPLICATIONS AND SOUCITATIONS BY OTHER MEANS.—

Any application to open a charge card account, and any solicitation to open such an account without requiring an application, that is made available to the public or contained in catalogs, magazines, or other publications shall contain— "(i) the information—