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PUBLIC LAW 101-73—AUG. 9, 1989 103 STAT. 185 Sec. 805. Con8ervator; powers and duties. Sec. 806. Liability protection. Sec. 807. Rules and regulations. Sec. 808. Repeals. TITLE IX—REGULATORY ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY AND CRIMINAL ENHANCEMENTS Subtitle A—Expanded Enforcement Powers, Increased Penalties, and Improved Accountability Sec. 901. Institution-affiliated parties of a depository institution subject to adminis- trative enforcement orders; substitution of "depository institution" for "bank" in enforcement provisions. \ Sec. 902. Amendments to cease and desist authority with respect to restitution, re- strictions on specific activities, grouncls for issuance of a temporary order, and incomplete or inaccurate records. Sec. 903. Merger of removal and prohibition authority. Sec. 904. Industrywide application of removal, suspension, and prohibition orders. Sec. 905. Enforcement proceedings allowed after separation from service. Sec. 906. Expansion of removal powers for state criminal proceedings. Sec. 907. Amendments to expand and increase civil money penalties. Sec. 908. Clariflcation of criminal penalty provisions for violation of certain orders. Sec. 909. Supervisory records. Sec. 910. Increased penalty for participation by convicted individuals. Sec. 911. Amendments to various provisions of law relating to reports. Sec. 912. Authority of the FDIC to take enforcement action against savings associa- tions. Sec. 913. Public disclosure of enforcement actions required. Sec. 914. Agency disapproval of directors and senior executive officers of certain de- pository institutions. Sec. 915. Clarification of NCUA's authority to conduct compliance investigations. Sec. 916. Improved administrative hearings and procedures. Sec. 917. Task force study of delegation of enforcement actions. Sec. 918. Annual report to Congress. Sec. 919. Credit union audit requirements. Sec. 920. Technical amendments relating to administrative and judicial review. Subtitle B—Termination of Deposit Insurance Sec. 926. Revision of procedures for termination of FDIC deposit insurance. Subtitle C—Improving Early Detection of Misconduct and Encouraging Informants Sec. 931. Information required to be made available to outside auditors. Sec. 932. Depository institution employee protection remedy. Sec. 933. Reward for information leading to recoveries or civil penalties. Subtitle D—Right to Financial Privacy Act Amendments Sec. 941. Definitions. Sec. 942. Additional exceptions. Sec. 943. Prohibition. Sec. 944. Miscellaneous provisions. Subtitle E—Civil Penalties for Violations Involving Financial Institutions Sec. 951. Civil penalties. Subtitle F—Criminal Law and Procedure Sec. 961. Increased criminal penalties for certain financial institution offenses. Sec. 962. Miscellaneous revisions to title 18. Sec. 963. Civil and criminal forfeiture. Sec. 964. Grand jury secrecy. Sec. 965. Criminal Division Fraud Section regional office. Sec. 966. Department of Justice appropriation authorization. Sec. 967. Authorization of additional appropriations for the judiciary. Sec. 968. Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations. TITLE X—STUDIES OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE, BANKING SERV- ^ ICES, AND THE SAFETY AND SOUNDNESS OF GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES Sec. 1001. Study of Federal deposit insurance system.