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103 STAT. 186 PUBLIC LAW 101-73—AUG. 9, 1989 Sec. 1002. Survey of bank fees and services. Sec. 1003. General Accounting Office study. Sec. 1004. Study regarding capital requirements for government-sponsored enterprises. TITLE XI—REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL REFORM AMENDMENTS Sec. 1101. Purpose. Sec. 1102. Establishment of Appraisal Subcommittee of the Federal Financial Insti- tutions Examination Council. Sec. 1103. Functions of Appraisal Subcommittee. Sec. 1104. Chairperson of Appraisal Subcommittee; term of Chairperson; meetings. Sec. 1105. Officers and staff. Sec. 1106. Powers of Appraisal Subcommittee. Sec. 1107. Procedures for establishing appraisal standards and requiring the use of certified and licensed appraisers. Sec. 1108. Startup funding. Sec. 1109. Roster of State certified or licensed appraisers; authority to collect and transmit fees. Sec. 1110. Functions of the Federal financial institutions regulatory agencies relat- ing to appraisal standards. Sec. 1111. Time for proposal and adoption of standards. Sec. 1112. Functions of the Federal financial institutions regulatory agencies relat- ing to appraiser qualifications. Sec. 1113. Transactions requiring the services of a State certified appraiser. Sec. 1114. Transactions requiring the services of a State licensed appraiser. Sec. 1115. Time for proposal and adoption of rules. Sec. 1116. Certification and licensing requirements. Sec. 1117. Establishment of State appraiser certifying and licensing agencies. Sec. 1118. Monitoring of State appraiser certifying and licensing agencies. Sec. 1119. Recognition of State certified and licensed appraisers for purposes of this title. Sec. 1120. Violations in obtaining and performing appraisals in federally related transactions. Sec. 1121. Definitions. Sec. 1122. Miscellaneous provisions. ._ TITLE XII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 1201. GAO study of credit union system. Sec. 1202. OCC employment provision. Sec. 1203. NCUA employment provision. Sec. 1204. Expansion of use of underutilized minority banks, women's banks, and low-income credit unions. Sec. 1205. Credit standards advisory committee. Sec. 1206. Comparability in compensation schedules. Sec. 1207. Study by Secretary of the Treasury. Sec. 1208. Expenditure of taxpayer money only for deposit insurance purposes. Sec. 1209. Amendment to section 5373 of title 5, United States Code. Sec. 1210. Farm Credit Administration and Farm Credit System Insurance Corpora- tion employment provision. Sec. 1211. Fair lending oversight and enforcement. Sec. 1212. Amendment to the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. Sec. 1213. Comptroller General audit and access to records. Sec. 1214. Amendment related to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. Sec. 1215. Capital and accounting standards. Sec. 1216. Equal opportunity. Sec. 1217. NCUA powers as liquidating agent and conservator. Sec. 1218. Risk management training. Sec. 1219. Cross-marketing restrictions. Sec. 1220. Report on loan discrimination. Sec. 1221. Separability of provisions. TITLE XIII—PARTICIPATION BY STATE HOUSING FINANCE AUTHORITIES AND NONPROFIT ENTITIES Sec. 1301. Definitions. Sec. 1302. Authorization for State housing finance agencies and nonprofit entities to purchase mo rtgage-related assets. TITLE XrV—TAX PROVISIONS Sec. 1401. Early termination of special reorganization rules for financial insti- tutions.