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PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1495 TITLE XXV—NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION INFRASTRUCTURE Sec. 2501. Authorized NATO construction and land acquisition projects. Sec. 2502. Authorization of appropriations, NATO. Sec. 2503. Study and report by the Secretary of Defense. TITLE XXVI—GUARD AND RESERVE FORCES FACILITIES Sec. 2601. Authorized Guard and Reserve construction and land acquisition projects. TITLE XXVII—EXPIRATION OF AUTHORIZATIONS Sec. 2701. Expiration of authorizations. TITLE XXVIII—GENERAL PROVISIONS PART A—CONSTRUCTION, LEASING, IMPROVEMENTS, DISPOSAL, AND UTIUZATION OF MILITARY INSTALLATIONS AND FACILITIES Sec. 2801. Dual basing. Sec. 2802. Limitation on construction at Crotone, Italy. Sec. 2803. Restrictions on leasing in the national capital region. Sec. 2804. Operation and control of the Pentagon Reservation. Sec. 2805. Revenue from transfer or disposal of Department of Defense real property. Sec. 2806. Revenue from leasing out Department of Defense assets. Sec. 2807. Sense of Congress concerning a military construction moratorium. PART B—MILITARY CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM CHANGES Sec. 2811. One-year extension of military housing rental guarantee program. Sec. 2812. Family housing improvement threshold. PART C—LAND TRANSACTIONS Sec. 2821. Land conveyance, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Sec. 2822. Release and conveyance. Reserve Center at Little Rock, Arkansas. Sec. 2823. Land conveyance. Naval Weapons Station, Concord, California. Sec. 2824. Lease at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, California. Sec. 2825. Transfer of lands, Pinon Canyon, Colorado. Sec. 2826. Land conveyance. Cape Henlopen, Delaware. Sec. 2827. Land conveyance, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Sec. 2828. Land conveyance. Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida. Sec. 2829. Land exchange, Fort Benning, Greorgia. Sec. 2830. Land conveyance, Robins Air Force Base, Greorgia. Sec. 2831. Land conveyance, Dillingham Military Reservation, Hawaii. Sec. 2832. Land conveyance. South Bend, Indiana. Sec. 2833. Land exchange, Lexington Park, Maryland. Sec. 2834. Land exchange at Marine Corps Finance Center, Kansfis City, Missouri. Sec. 2835. Exchange of interests, Camp Withycombe, Oregon. Sec. 2836. Conveyance at Fort Diouglas, Utah. Sec. 2837. Land conveyance. Naval Reserve Center, Burlington, Vermont. Sec. 2838. Land transfer, Arlington, Virginia. Sec. 2839. Land conveyance. Fort A.P. Hill Military Reservation, Virginia. Sec. 2840. Easement conveyance. Fort Lawton, Seattle, Washington. PART D—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ENERGY SAVINGS Sec. 2851. Department of Defense energy savings program. Sec. 2852. Technical amendments. PART E—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 2861. Relocation of the Florida Solar Energy Center. Sec. 2862. Modification of height restriction in avigation easement. Sec. 2863. Henderson Hall, Arlington, Virginia. Sec. 2864. Additional authority for lease-purchase. Sec. 2865. Sale of aggregate. Naval Air Station, Miramar, California. Sec. 2866. Study to evaluate joint military-civilian use of military airfields. Sec. 2867. Negotiations for joint civilian and military use of the airfield at Wheeler Air Force Base, Hawaii. Sec. 2868. Extension of termination date for land conveyance at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.