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104 STAT. 1496 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 TITLE XXIX—DEFENSE BASE CLOSURES AND REALIGNMENTS PART A—DEFENSE BASE CLOSURE AND REALIGNMENT COMMISSION Sec. 2901. Short title. Sec. 2902. The Commission. Sec. 2903. Procedure for making recommendations for base closures and realignme nts. Sec. 2904. Closure and realignment of milit£u-y installations. Sec. 2905. Implementation. Sec. 2906. Account. Sec. 2907. Reports. Sec. 2908. Congressional consideration of Commission report. Sec. 2909. Restriction on other base closure authority. Sec. 2910. Definitions. Sec. 2911. Clarifying amendment. PART B—OTHER PROVISIONS RELATING TO DEFENSE BASE CLOSURES AND REAUGNMENTS Sec. 2921. Closure of foreign military installations. Sec. 2922. Modification of the content of biannual report of the Commission on alternative utilization of military facilities. Sec. 2923. Funding for environmental restoration at military installations scheduled for dlosure inside the United States. Sec. 2924. Community preference consideration in closure and realignment of military installations. Sec. 2925. Recommendations of the Base Closure Commission. Sec. 2926. Contracts for certain environmental restoration activities. DIVISION C—OTHER NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATIONS TITLE XXXI—DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAMS PART A—NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAMS AUTHORIZATIONS Sec. 3101. Operating expenses. Sec. 3102. Plant and capital equipment. Sec. 3103. Environmental restoration and waste management. Sec. 3104. Funding limitations. PART B—RECURRING GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 3121. Reprogramming. Sec. 3122. Limits on general plant projects. Sec. 3123. Limits on construction projects. Sec. 3124. Fund transfer authority. Sec. 3125. Authority for construction design. Sec. 3126. Authority for emergency construction design. Sec. 3127. Funds available for all national security programs of the Department of Energy. Sec. 3128. Availability of funds. PART C—MISCELLANEOUS Sec. 3131. Remanufacture of nuclear stockpile weapons. Sec. 3132. Laboratory-directed research and development programs. Sec. 3133. National Environmental Policy Act compliance report requirement. Sec. 3134. Report on environmental restoration expenditures. Sec. 3135. Department of Energy management plan for environmental restoration and waste management activities. Sec. 3136. Extension of authority to loan personnel and facilities to community development organizations near Hanford Reservation. Sec. 3137. Safety measures for waste tanks at Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Sec. 3138. Programs for persons who may have been exposed to radiation released from Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Sec. 3139. Payments for injuries believed to arise out of atomic weapons testing program. Sec. 3140. Repeal. Sec. 3141. Contractor liability for injury or loss of property arising out of atomic weapons testing programs. Sec. 3142. Sense of Congress on negotiating agreements to achieve a comprehensive test ban.