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104 STAT. 2414 PUBLIC LAW 101-549—NOV. 15, 1990 3 years from the date of the nonattainment designation, for the submission of a plan or plan revision (including the plan items) meeting the applicable requirements of subsection (c) and section 110(a)(2). "(c) NONATTAINMENT PLAN PROVISIONS.—The plan provisions (including plan items) required to be submitted under this part shall comply with each of the following: "(1) IN GENERAL. — Such plan provisions shall provide for the implementation of all reasonably available control measures as expeditiously as practicable (including such reductions in emissions from existing sources in the area as may be obtained through the adoption, at a minimum, of reasonably available control technology) and shall provide for attainment of the national primary ambient air quality standards. "(2) RFP.— Such plan provisions shall require reasonable further progress. "(3) INVENTORY. —Such plan provisions shall include a comprehensive, accurate, current inventory of actual emissions from all sources of the relevant pollutant or pollutants in such area, including such periodic revisions as the Administrator may determine necessary to assure that the requirements of this part are met. "(4) IDENTIFICATION AND QUANTIFICATION. — Such plan provisions shall expressly identify and quantify the emissions, if any, of any such pollutant or pollutants which will be allowed, in accordance with section 173(a)(l)(B), from the construction and operation of major new or modified stationary sources in each such area. The plan shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Administrator that the emissions quantified for this purpose will be consistent with the achievement of reasonable further progress and will not interfere with attainment of the applicable national ambient air quality standard by the applicable attainment date. "(5) PERMITS FOR NEW AND MODIFIED MAJOR STATIONARY SOURCES. —Such plan provisions shall require permits for the construction and operation of new or modified major stationary sources an3rwhere in the nonattainment area, in accordance with section 173. "(6) OTHER MEASURES. —Such plan provisions shall include enforceable emission limitations, and such other control measures, means or techniques (including economic incentives such as fees, marketable permits, and auctions of emission rights), as well as schedules and timetables for compliance, as may be necessary or appropriate to provide for attainment of such standard in such area by the applicable attainment date specified in this part. "(7) COMPLIANCE WITH SECTION HO (a)(2). —Such plan provisions shall also meet the applicable provisions of section 110(a)(2). "(8) EQUIVALENT TECHNIQUES. —Upon application by any State, the Administrator may allow the use of equivalent modeling, emission inventory, and planning procedures, unless the Administrator determines that the proposed techniques are, in the aggregate, less effective than the methods specified by the Administrator. "(9) CONTINGENCY MEASURES. —Such plan shall provide for the implementation of specific measures to be undertaken if the