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104 STAT. 4084 PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 TITLE IX—COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND MISCELLANEOUS PROGRAMS Subtitle A—Community and Neighborhood Development and Preservation Sec. 901. Community development authorizations. Sec. 902. Targeting community development block grant assistance. Sec. 903. Community development city and county classifications. Sec. 904. Allocation formula in cases of annexation. Sec. 905. Housing affordability strategy requirement. Sec. 906. Protection of individuals engaging in nonviolent civil rights demonstrations. Sec. 907. CDBG eligible activities. Sec. 908. Public services. Sec. 909. Authority to provide lump-sum payments to revolving loan funds. Sec. 910. Community development loan guarantees. Sec. 911. Hawaiian home lands. Sec. 912. Prohibition of discrimination on basis of religion under CDBG progreim. Sec. 913. Technical corrections regarding CDBG for Indian tribes. Sec. 914. Urban homesteading. Sec. 915. Neighborhood development demonstration. Sec. 916. CDBG assistance for United States-Mexico border region. Sec. 917. Neighborhood reinvestment corporation. Sec. 918. Use of urban renewal land disposition proceeds and certain other community development and public facility funds. Sec. 919. Study regarding availability of housing proximate to places of employ- ment. Sec. 920. Allocation of funds under title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. Sec. 921. Study on turning drug zones into opportunity zones. Sec. 922. Community development plans. Subtitle B—Disaster Relief Sec. 931. Section 8 certificates and vouchers. Sec. 932. Moderate rehabilitation. Sec. 933. Community development. Sec. 934. Rural housing. Subtitle C—Regulatory Programs Sec. 941. Mortgage servicing transfer disclosure. Sec. 942. Mortgage escrow accounts. Sec. 943. National Commission on Manufactured Housing. Sec. 944. Energy assessment report. Sec. 945. 5-year energy efficiency plan. Sec. 946. Uniform mortgage financing plan for energy efficiency. Sec. 947. Report on seismic safety property standarc^. Subtitle D—Miscellaneous Programs Sec. 951. HUD research and development. Sec. 952. National Institute of Building Sciences. Sec. 953. Fair housing initiatives program. Sec. 954. Collection and maintenance of data regarding programs under HUD. ^ Sec. 955. Exemption from Davis-Bacon Act requirements of volunteers under housing programs. Sec. 956. Eligibility under first-time homebuyer programs. Sec. 957. Maximum annual limitation on rent increases resulting from employ- ment. Sec. 958. Preferences for Native Hawfdians on Haweiiian homelands under HUD programs. Sec. 959. Waiver of matching funds requirements in Indian housing programs. Sec. 960. Study of pension fund financing of housing. Sec. 961. Energy efficiency demonstration. TITLE X—EXPEDITED FUNDS AVAILABILITY Sec. 1001. Amendments to Expedited Funds Availability Act.