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PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4083 Sec. 704. Remote rursil areas. Sec. 705. Section 502 deferred mortgage demonstration. Sec. 706. Rural housing loan guarantees. Sec. 707. Foreclosure procedures. Sec. 708. Disposition of interests on Indian trust land. Sec. 709. Housing in underserved areas. Sec. 710. Rur£d housing inventory. Sec. 711. Rights of appetd. Sec. 712. Section 515 losuis. Sec. 713. Set-aside of rurtd rental housing funds. Sec. 714. Housing for rural homeless and migrant farmworkers. Sec. 715. Rural area classification. Sec. 716. Assistance to reduce rent overburden. Sec. 717. Housing preservation grants. Sec. 718. Reciprocity in approval of housing subdivisions Emiong Federal agencies. Sec. 719. Rural housing technical amendments. TITLE Vin—HOUSING FOR PERSONS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Subtitle A—Supportive Housing for the Elderly Sec. 801. Supportive housing for the elderly. Sec. 802. Revised congregate housing services program. Sec. 803. HOPE for elderly independence. Sec. 804. Use of Resolution Trust Corporation eligible properties for section 202 housing. Sec. 805. Centralized applications for section 202 housing. Sec. 806. Elder cottage housing units. Sec. 807. Notice of rejection. Sec. 808. Service coordinators as eligible project cost in section 202 projects. Subtitle B—Supportive Housing for Persons With Disabilities Sec. 811. Supportive housing for persons with disabilities. SUBTITLE C—SUPPORTIVE HOUSING FOE THE HOMELESS Part 1—Revised McKinney Act Sec. 821. Amendment to McKinney Act. Sec. 822, Definition of "homeless person". Sec. 823. Transitional rule. Sec. 824. Conforming amendment. Sec. 825. Strategy to eliminate unfit tremsient facilities. Part 2—Amendments to Current Progreim Sec. 831. Comprehensive homeless assistance plan. Sec. 832. Emergency shelter grants program. Sec. 833. Supportive housing demonstration program. Sec. 834. Supplemental assistance for facilities to assist the homeless. Sec. 835. Section 8 assistance for single room occupancy dwellings. Sec. 836. Housing eiffordability strategy requirement. Sec. 837. Shelter plus care. Part 3—Effective Date ' Sec. 841. Effective date. SUBTITLE D—HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONS WFTH AIDS Sec. 851. Short title. Sec. 852. Purpose. Sec. 853. Definitions. Sec. 854. General authority. Sec. 855. Eligible activities. Sec. 856. Responsibilities of grantees. Sec. 857. Grants for AIDS housing information and coordination services. Sec. 858. AIDS short-term supported housing and services. Sec. 859. Short-term rental assistance. Sec. 860. Single room occupancy dwellings. Sec. 861. Grants for community residences and services. Sec. 862. Report. Sec. 863. Authorization of appropriations.