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104 STAT. 4082 PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 Sec. 519. Public housing rent waiver for police officers. Sec. 520. Public housing youth sports programs. Sec. 521. Public housing one-stop perinatal services demonstration. Sec. 522. Public housing mixed income new communities strategy demonstration. Sec. 523. Energy efRciency demonstration. Sec. 524. Study of public housing funding system. Sec. 525. Study of prospective payment system for public housing. Sec. 526. GAO study of edtematives in public housing development. Sec. 527. Applicability. Subtitle B—Low-Income Rental Assistance Sec. 541. Designation of certificate and voucher programs. Sec. 542. Drug-related rent a^jvistments. Sec. 543. Tenant rent contributions under tenant-based certificate program. Sec. 544. Opt-outs. Sec. 545. Preference rules. Sec. 546. Tencmt protections. Sec. 547. Revisions to project-based certificate program. Sec. 548. Section 8 assistance for PHA-owned units. Sec. 549. Definitions of participating jurisdiction cuid drug-related criminal activity. Sec. 550. Revisions to voucher program. Sec. 551. Portability of certificates and vouchers. Sec. 552. Renewal of expiring contracts. Sec. 553. Assistance to promote family unification. Sec. 554. Family self-sufficiency. Sec. 555. Income eligibility for tenfmcy in new construction imits. Sec. 556. Distribution of section 8 certificates. Sec. 557. Settlement agreement reg8u-ding certain section 8 assistance. Sec. 558. GAO study regarding fair market rent calculation. Sec. 559. Study of section 8 utilization rates. Sec. 560. Report on residual receipts accounts in section 8 and section 202 housing. Sec. 561. Feasibility study regarding Indicm tribe eligibility for voucher progreim. Subtitle C—General Provisions and Other Assistance Programs Sec. 571. Low-income housing authorization. Sec. 572. Low-income term. Sec. 573. Definitions under United States Housing Act of 1937. Sec. 574. Effect of foster care children in determining family composition and size. Sec. 575. Exemption from housing development grant construction commencement requirements. Sec. 576. Consultation regarding foster care children in development of housing assistance plan. Sec. 577. Housing counseling. Sec. 578. Flexible subsidy program. Sec. 579. Streamlined property disposition requirements for unsubsidized multifamily housing projects. Sec. 580. Multifamily housing disposition partnership. Sec. 581. Public and assisted housing drug elimination. Sec. 582. Study of private nonprofit initiatives. Sec. 583. Extension of capital assessment study. TITLE VI—PRESERVATION OF AFFORDABLE RENTAL HOUSING Subtitle A—Prepayment of Mortgages Insured Under National Housing Act Sec. 601. Prepayment of mortgages. Sec. 602. Related National Housing Act amendments. Sec. 603. Related United States Housing Act of 1937 amendments. Sec. 604. Transition provisions. Sec. 605. Effective date. Subtitle B—Other Preservation Provisions Sec. 611. Section 236 rental assistance. Sec. 612. Management and preservation of federally assisted housing. Sec. 613. Assistance to prevent prepayment under State mortgage programs. TITLE Vn—RURAL HOUSING Sec. 701. Program authorizations. Sec. 702. Effect of foster care children in determination of family composition and size. Sec. 703. Escrow accounts.