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104 STAT. 4676 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 "TITLE IV—HOUSING ASSISTANCE "Subtitle A—General Provisions "SEC. 401. PURPOSE. "The purpose of this title is to expand the Federal commitment to alleviate homelessness in this Nation by providing States, Indian tribes, and localities with the resources to— "(1) help very low-income families avoid becoming homeless; "(2) meet the emergency shelter needs of homeless persons and families; "(3) provide transitional housing to facilitate the movement of homeless persons and families to independent living; "(4) provide specialized permanent housing for homeless persons who require a supportive living environment; and "(5) provide supportive services to help homeless persons and families lead independent and dignified lives. "SEC. 402. DEFINITIONS. "For purposes of this title— "(1) The term 'assistance' means grants to assist the acquisition, lease, renovation, substantial rehabilitation, operation, or conversion of facilities to assist the homeless, grants for moderate rehabilitation, grants for other purposes, and other assistance made eligible under section 405 and subtitle B. "(2) The term 'emergency activities* means supportive services that are provided in an emergency shelter developed in accordance with section 412. "(3) The term 'families' has the same meaning given the term under section 3(b)(2) of the United States Housing Act of 1937. "(4) The term 'grantee' means— "(A) a State or unit of general local government receiving grants from the Secretary under section 403(a); "(B) a group of geographically contiguous local governments that have formed a consortium that, in the determination of the Secretary— "(i) has sufficient authority and administrative capability to act on behalf of its member jurisdictions in carrying out the provisions of section 403(a), and "(ii) is comprised only of jurisdictions that have received a formula allocation for the fiscal year, and "(C) for purposes of section 406 and subsections (a), (b), (c), and (f) of section 407, an Indian tribe, Indian housing authority, or a private nonprofit organization receiving a direct grant under section 405. "(5) The term 'person with disabilities' has the same meaning given the term in section 811 of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act. "(6) The term 'homeless person with disabilities' means a person with disabilities who is a homeless person within the meaning of section 103, is at risk of becoming a homeless person, or has been a resident of transitional housing carried out pursuant to this Act or the provisions made effective by section 101(g) of Public Law 99-500 or Public Law 99-591.