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104 STAT. 4752 PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 "(2) LIMITATION.—Not more than 30 grants may be made under this subtitle. "(3) AMOUNT OF GRANTS. — No grant made under this subtitle may exceed $2,500,000 per year nor more than a total of $4,000,000 for 2 years. Funds received under such grants shall remain available until expended. " (g) FAMILY SUPPORT CENTERS. —Each program that receives assistance under this section shall establish one or more family support centers that operate— "(1) in or near the immediate vicinity of governmentally subsidized housing; "(2) in urban poverty areas; or "(3) in non-urban poverty areas. Such centers shall be the primary location for the administration of the programs and the provision of services under this title. 42 USC 11483. "SEC. 773. TRAINING AND RETENTION. "The Secretary shall require that entities that receive a grant under section 772 USC not more than 7 percent of such grant to improve the retention and effectiveness of staff and volunteers. 42 USC 11484. "SEC. 774. FAMILY CASE MANAGERS. "(a) REQUIREMENT.—Each entity that receives a grant under section 772 shall employ, subject to subsection (e), an appropriate number of individuals with expertise in the provision of intensive and comprehensive supportive services to serve as family case managers for the program. "0)) NEEDS ASSESSMENT. — Each low-income family that desires to receive services from a program that receives assistance under this subtitle shall be assessed by a family case manager on such family's initial visit to such program as to their need for services. "(c) CONTINUING FUNCTIONS. — Family case managers shall formulate a service plan based on a needs assessment for each family. Such case manager shall carry out such plan, and remain available to provide such family with counseling and referral services, to enable such family to become self-sufficient. In carrying out such plan the case manager shall conduct monitoring, tracking, and follow-up activities, as appropriate. "(d) LIMITATION.—Each family case manager shall have a caseload that is of a sufficiently small size so sis to permit such manager to effectively manage the delivery of comprehensive services to those families assigned to such manager. 42 USC 11485. "SEC. 775. GATEWAY PROGRAMS. "(a) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall use amounts made available in accordance with section 772(b) to make not more than 5 demonstration grants to local education agencies who, in consultation with the local public housing authority and private industry council, Eigree to provide on-site education, training and necessary support services to economically disadvantaged residents of public housing. "(b) SELECTION OP GRANT RECIPIENTS. —The Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Secretary of Education, shall select a local education agency to receive a grant under subsection (a) if such agency has cooperated with the local public housing authority in order to meet the following requirements: