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105 STAT. 390 PUBLIC LAW 102-83—AUG. 6, 1991 "SUBCHAPTER II—SPECIFIED FUNCTIONS. "§ 521. Assistance to certain rehabilitation activities "(a) The Secretary may assist any organization named in or approved under section 5902 of this title in providing recreational activities which would further the rehabilitation of disabled veterans. Such assistance may be provided only if— "(1) the activities are available to disabled veterans on a national basis; and "(2) a significant percentage of the individuals participating in the activities are eligible for rehabilitative services under chapter 17 of this title. "(b) The Secretary may accept from any appropriate source contributions of funds and of other assistance to support the Secretary's provision of assistance for such activities. "(c)(1) Subject to paragraph (2), the Secretary may authorize the use, for purposes approved by the Secretary in connection with the activity involved, of the seal and other official sjnnbols of the Department and the name 'Department of Veterans Affairs' by— "(A) any organization which provides an activity described in subsection (a) with assistance from the Secretary; and "(B) any individual or entity from which the Secretary accepts a significant contribution under subsection (b) or an offer of such a contribution. "(2) The use of such seal or name of any official symbol of the Department in an advertisement may be authorized by the Secretary under this subsection only if— "(A) the Secretary has approved the advertisement; and "(B) the advertisement contains a clear statement that no product, project, or commercial line of endeavor referred to in the advertisement is endorsed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. " § 522. Studies of rehabilitation of disabled persons "(a) The Secretary may conduct studies and investigations, and prepare reports, relative to the rehabilitation of disabled persons, the relative abilities, aptitudes, and capacities of the several groups of the variously handicapped, and how their potentialities can best be developed and their services best used in gainful and suitable employment including the rehabilitation programs of foreign nations. "(b) In carrying out this section, the Secretary (1) may cooperate with such public and private agencies as the Secretary considers advisable; and (2) may employ consultants who shall receive a reasonable per diem, as prescribed by the Secretary, for each day actually employed, plus necessary travel and other expenses. "§ 523. Coordination and promotion of other programs affecting veterans and their dependents "(a) The Secretary shall seek to achieve (1) the maximum feasible effectiveness, coordination, and interrelationship of services among all programs and activities affecting veterans and their dependents carried out by and under all other departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the executive branch, and (2) the maximum feasible coordination of such programs with programs carried out under this title. The Secretary shall actively promote the effective