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PUBLIC LAW 102-83 —AUG. 6, 1991 105 STAT. 391 implementation, enforcement, and application of all provisions of law and regulations providing for special consideration, emphasis, or preference for veterans. "(b) The Secretary shall seek to achieve the effective coordination of the provision, under laws administered by the Department, of benefits and services (and information about such benefits and services) with appropriate programs (and information about such programs) conducted by State and local governmental agencies and by private entities at the State and local level. In carrying out this subsection, the Secretary shall place special emphasis on veterans who are 65 years of age or older. "§ 525. Publication of laws relating to veterans "(a) The Secretary may compile and publish all Federal laws relating to veterans' relief, including laws administered by the Department as well as by other agencies of the Government. Such compilation and publication shall be in such form as the Secretary considers advisable for the purpose of making currently available in convenient form for the use of the Department and full-time representatives of the several service organizations an annotated, indexed, and cross-referenced statement of the laws providing veterans' relief. "(b) The Secretary may maintain such compilation on a current basis either by the publication, from time to time, of supplementary documents or by complete revision of the compilation. "(c) The distribution of the compilation to the representatives of the several service organizations shall be as determined by the Secretary. "§ 527. Evaluation and data collection "(a) The Secretary, pursuant to general standards which the Secretary shall prescribe in regulations, shall measure and evaluate on a continuing basis the effect of all programs authorized under this title, in order to determine their effectiveness in achieving stated goals in general, and in achieving such goals in relation to their cost, their effect on related programs, and their structure and mechanisms for delivery of services. Such information as the Secretary may consider necessary for purposes of such evaluations shall be made available to the Secretary, upon request, by all departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the executive branch. "(b) In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall collect, collate, and analyze on a continuing basis full statistical data regarding participation (including the duration thereof), provision of services, categories of beneficiaries, planning and construction of facilities, acquisition of real property, proposed excessing of land, accretion and attrition of personnel, and categorized expenditures attributable thereto, under all programs carried out under this title. "(c) The Secretary shall make available to the public, and on a Public regular basis provide to the appropriate committees of the Congress, ^formation, copies of all completed evaluative research studies and summaries of evaluations of program impact and effectiveness carried out, and tabulations and analyses of all data collected, under this section. "§ 529. Annual report to Congress "The Secretary shall submit annually, at the close of each fiscal year, a report in writing to Congress. Each such report shall—