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PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 105 STAT. 2033 (21) United States Route 219 Corridor from Buffalo, New York, to the intersection of United States Route 17 in the vicinity of Salamanca, New York. (d) INCLUSION ON NHS. — The Secretary shall include all corridors identified in subsection (c) on the proposed National Highway System submitted to Congress under section 103(b)(3) of title 23, United States Code. (e) PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO CORRIDORS.— (1) LONG-RANGE PLAN.— The Secretary, in cooperation with the affected State or States, may prepare a long-range plan for the upgrading of each corridor to the appropriate standard for highways on the National Highway System. Each such plan may include a plan for developing the corridor and a plan for financing the development. (2) FEASIBILITY STUDIES. —The Secretary, in cooperation with the affected State or States, may prepare feasibility and design studies, as necessary, for those corridors for which such studies have not been prepared, A feasibility study may be conducted under this subsection with respect to the corridor described in subsection (c)(2), relating to Avenue of the Saints, to determine the feasibility of an adjunct to the Avenue of the Saints serving the southern St. Louis metropolitan area and connecting with I- 55 in the vicinity of Route A in Jefferson County, Missouri. (3) CERTIFICATION ACCEPTANCE.— The Secretary may discharge any of his responsibilities under title 23, United States Code, relative to projects on a corridor identified under subsection (c), upon the request of a State, by accepting a certification by the State in accordance with section 117 of such title. (4) ACCELERATION OF PROJECTS. — To the maximum extent feasible, the Secretary may use procedures for acceleration of projects in carrying out projects on corridors identified in subsection (c). (f) HIGH PRIORITY SEGMENTS.—H i g hway segments of the corridors referred to in subsection (c) which are described in this subsection are high priority segments eligible for assistance under this section. Subject to subsection (g)(2), there is authorized to be appropriated out of the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit Account) for fiscal years 1992 through 1997 to carry out a project on each such segment the amount listed for each such segment: Appropriation authorization. CITY/STATE 1. 2. 3. 4. Pennsylvania Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee Missouri Arkansas HIGH PRIORITY CORRIDORS For upgrading U.S. 220 High Priority and the Appalachian Thruway Corridor between State College and 1-80 Upgrading of the East-West Corridor along Rt. 72 Improvement of North-South Corridor along Highway 71, Southwestern, MO For construction of Highway 412 from Siloam Springs to Springdale, Arkansas as part of High- AMOUNT in millions 50.7 25.4 3.6 34.0