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105 STAT. 2034 PUBLIC LAW 102-240—DEC. 18, 1991 CITY/STATE 5 6 7 8 q 10 11 1? 13. ^^ 15 18 17. 18 Arkansas Pennsylvania S. Dakota/Nebraska Alabama Alabama West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia North Carolina/Virginia.... Arkansas Michigan South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska Indiana HIGH PRIORITY CORRIDORS For construction of Highway 412 from Harrison to Springdale, Arkansas as part of the Highway 412 East-West Corridor To improve U.S. 220 to a 4-lane limited access highway from Bald Eagle northward to the intersection of U.S. 220 and U.S. 322 Conduct a feasibility study of expressway from Rapid City, S. Dakota to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.. Construction of Appalachian Highway Corridor X from Corridor V near Fulton, Mississippi to U.S. 31 at Birmingham, Alabama as part of Appalachian Highway X Corridor Project For construction of a portion of Appalachian Development Corridor V from Mississippi State Line near Red Bay, Alabama to the Tennessee State Line north of Bridgeport, Alabama Construction of Shawnee Prmect from 3-Corner Junction to 1-77 as part of 1-73/74 Corridor project Widening U.S. Rt. 52 from Huntington to Williamson, W. Virginia as part of the 1-73/74 Corri dor project Replacement of U.S. Rt. 52 from Williamson, W. Virginia to 1-77 as part of the 1-73/74 Corridor project For Upgrading 1-64 and Route 17 Virginia and constructing a new highway from Rocky Mount to Elizabeth City, North Carolina as part of the Raleigh-Norfolk High Priority Corridor Improvements Construction of Highway 71 between Fayetteville and Alma, Arkansas as part of the North- South High Priority Corridor For construction of Highway 71 from Alma, Arkansas to Louisiana border To widen a 60 mile portion of highway M-59 from MacComb County to 1-96 in Howell County, Michigan To improve the Heartland Expressway from Rapid City, South Dakota to Scotts Bluff, ^febraska.. To construct a 4-lane highway from Lafayette to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, following existing Indiana 25 and U.S. 24 AMOUNT in millions 56.0 148 0 0.64 59.2 254 4.5 100.0 14.0 17.8 100.0 70.0 296 29.6 9.5