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105 STAT. 2320 PUBLIC LAW 102-242—DEC. 19, 1991 after the date of the acquisition, and (iii) any closing costs in connection with the acquisition. " (4) EXCEPTIONS TO RECAPTURE REQUIREMENT. — "(A) RELOCATION. —The Corporation may in its discretion waive the applicability (i) to any qualifying household of the requirement under paragraph (3) and the requirements relating to residency of a qualifying household under subsections (p)(12)(B) and (C), and (ii) to any low-income family of the requirement under paragraph (3) and the residency requirements under paragraph (2)(B)(ii). The Corporation may grant any such waiver only for good cause shown, including any necessary relocation of the qualifying household or low-income family. "(B) OTHER RECAPTURE PROVISIONS. — The requirement under paragraph (3) shall not apply to any eligible single family property for which, upon resale by the qualifying household or low-income family during the 1-year period beginning upon initial acquisition by the household or family, a portion of the sale proceeds or any subsidy provided in connection with the acquisition of the property by the household or family is required to be recaptured or repaid under any other Federal, State, or local law (including section 143(m) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) or regulation or under any sale agreement. "(5) EXCEPTION TO AVOID DISPLACEMENT OF EXISTING RESI- DENTS. —Notwithstanding the first sentence of paragraph (2), during the 180-day period following the date on which the Corporation makes an eligible single family property available for sale, the Corporation may sell the property to the household residing in the property, but only if (A) such household was residing in the property at the time notice regarding the property was provided to clearinghouses under paragraph (1), (B) such sale is necessary to avoid the displacement of, and unnecessary hardship to, the resident household, (C) the resident household intends to occupy the property as a principal residence for at least 12 months, and (D) the resident household certifies in writing that the household intends to occupy the property for at least 12 months. " (d) RULES GOVERNING DISPOSITION OF ELIGIBLE MULTIFAMILY HOUSING PROPERTIES.— "(1) NOTICE TO CLEARINGHOUSES. —Within a reasonable period of time after acquiring title to an eligible multifamily housing property, the Corporation shall provide written notice to clearinghouses. Such notice shall contain basic information about the property, including but not limited to location, number of units (identified by number of bedrooms), and information relating to the estimated fair market value of the property. Each clearinghouse shall make such information available, upon request, to qualifying multifamily purchasers. The Corporation shall allow qualifying multifamily purchasers reasonable access to eligible multifamily housing properties for purposes of inspection. "(2) EXPRESSION OF SERIOUS INTEREST.—Qualifying multifamily purchasers may give written notice of serious interest in a property during a period ending 90 days after the time the Corporation provides notice under paragraph (1). The notice of