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106 STAT. 1082 PUBLIC LAW 102-367—SEPT. 7, 1992 "(4) COORDINATION.— "(A) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall consult with the Secretaries of Education and Health and Human Services, as appropriate, to coordinate the activities of the Network with other relevant institutes, centers, laboratories, clearinghouses, or dissemination networks, such as the National Diffusion Network. " (B) COORDINATION WITH REPLICATION GRANT PROGRAM. — To the extent possible, the Network shall coordinate the activities of the Network with activities assisted under the replication grant program conducted under subsection (c). " (c) REPLICATION. — Grants. " (1) REPLICATION PROGRAM AUTHORIZED. —The Secretary shall Nonprofit make competitive grants to public or private nonprofit organizaorganizations. tions for technical assistance, and to States and service delivery areas for planning and program development, to promote the replication of employment and training programs that are successful in improving the employment prospects of populations served under this Act and that are replicable on a large scale. In making such grants, the Secretary shall consider the recommendations described in paragraph (2)(B) of the review panel established under paragraph (2)(A) regarding such programs. " (2) REVIEW PANEL.— "(A) ESTABLISHMENT.—The Secretary shall establish a review panel comprised of not more than 6 individuals appointed by the Secretary who are recognized experts in the operation and evaluation of employment and training programs for economically disadvantaged youth and adults, and dislocated workers. "(B) RECOMMENDATIONS.—The review panel shall make recommendations to the Secretary regarding model programs that the panel considers likely to be successful in improving such employment prospects of populations served under this Act and to be replicable on a large scale. "(C) CONSIDERATIONS.— In recommending such programs the review panel shall use the considerations described in subsection (b)(2)(C)(ii). "(D) MEETINGS. —The review panel shall meet not more than once each year to carry out the responsibilities described in this paragraph. "(E) CONFLICT OF INTEREST.— No member of such panel shall have a direct financial interest in or affiliation with a potential recipient of funds under the program authorized by this section. " (3) APPLICATIONS.— "(A) NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. —Any public or private nonprofit organization desiring to receive such a grant to provide the technical assistance necessary for progreim replication may submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and containing or accompanied by such information as the Secretary may reasonably require. "(B) STATE; SERVICE DELIVERY AREA.—Any State or service delivery area desiring to receive such a grant for planning and program development associated with a rep-