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PUBLIC LAW 102-367 —SEPT. 7, 1992 106 STAT. 1087 "(A) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary may award not more than 25 greints during the first fiscal year that the program is authorized. "(B) INDIAN RESERVATIONS AND ALASKA NATIVE VIL- LAGES.— In awarding grants under this part during the first 5 fiscal years that the program is assisted, the Secretary shall award— "(i) at least 1 grant to a grantee or consortium described in paragraph (1)(B); and "(ii) at least 1 grant to a grantee or consortium described in paragraph (1)(C). "(c) RENEWABILITY OF GRANTS.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—Grants awarded under this part shall be for a 1-year period. Such a grant shall be renewable for each of the 2 succeeding fiscal years if the Secretary determines the grant recipient complied with conditions of the grant during the previous fiscal year. "(2) EXTENSION. — The Secretary may extend the renewal period set forth in paragraph (1) for an additional 2 fiscal years on reapplication. "(d) FACTORS FOR AWARDS.—In awarding greuits under this part, the Secretary shall consider the quality of the proposed project, the goals to be achieved, the likelihood of successful implementation, the extent of community support, other Federal and non-Federal funds available for similar purposes, and additional State, local, or private resources that will be provided. The Secretary shall give priority to participating communities with the highest poverty rates.

  • «EC. 493. APPLICATION.

29 USC 1782b. "(a) ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY. —Participating communities that have the highest concentrations of poverty, as determined by the Secretary based on the latest Bureau of the Census estimates, shall be eligible to apply for a Youth Fair Chance grant. "(b) CONTENTS OF APPLICATION.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —Each participating community desiring a grant under this part shall, through the individuals set forth in subsection (c), submit an application to the Secretary at such time, in such manner, and accompanied by such information as the Secretary may reasonably require. " (2) CONTENTS.— Each such application shall— "(A) include a comprehensive plan for the Youth Fair Chance initiative designed to achieve identifiable goals for youth in the target area; "(B) set forth measurable program goals and outcomes, which may include increasing the proportion of— "(i) youth completing high school or its equivalent; "(ii) youth entering into postsecondary institutions, apprenticeships, or other advanced training programs; "(iii) youth placed in jobs; or "(iv) youth participating in education, training, and employment services; "(C) include supporting goals for the target area such as increasing security and safety, or reducing the number of drug-related arrests; "(D) provide assurances that the applicant will comply with the terms of the agreement described in section 494;