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106 STAT. 1088 PUBLIC LAW 102-367 —SEPT. 7, 1992 "(E) demonstrate how the participating community will make use of the resources, expertise, and commitment of institutions of higher education, educational agencies, and vocational and technical schools and institutes; "(F) provide an assurance that all youth in the target areas will have access to a coordinated and comprehensive range of education and training opportunities that serve the broadest range of youth interests and needs and simultaneously mobilizes the diverse range of education and training providers in the participating community; "(G) provide assurances that the youth in the target area will have access to supportive services necessary for successful participation, including such services as child care, transportation, and assistance in resolving personal or family crises, such as crises related to substance abuse, homelessness, migration, and family violence; "(H) include a description of a system of common intake procedures or sites, individualized assessment, and case management to be used by the program; "(I) demonstrate how the participating community will make use of the resources, expertise, and commitment of such programs and service providers as— "(i) community-based organizations providing vocational skills, literacy skills, remedial education, and general equivalency preparation, including community- based organizations serving youth with limited-English proficiency; "(ii) youth corps programs, including youth conservation and human service corps; "(iii) Job Corps centers; "(iv) apprenticeship programs; and "(v) other projects and programs funded under this Act; "(J) include an estimate of the expected number of youth in the target area to be served; "(K) include a description of the resources available in the participating community from private, local government. State, and Federal sources that will be used to achieve the goals of the program; "(L) include an estimate of funds required to ensure access to appropriate education, training, and support services for all youth in the target area who seek such opportunities; and "(M) provide evidence of support for accomplishing the stated goals of the participating community from— "(i) local elected officials; "(ii) the local school system; "(iii) appropriate postsecondary education and training institutions; "(iv) the applicable private industry council; "(v) local community leaders; "(vi) business; "(vii) labor organizations; and "(viii) other appropriate organizations. "(c) SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION.—The application for funds described in subsection (b) may only be submitted to the Secretary on behalf of a participating community by—