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106 STAT. 1114 PUBLIC LAW 102-367—SEPT. 7, 1992 "Sec. 204. Program design. "Sec. 205. Linkages. "Sec. 206. Transfer of funds. "PART B—SUMMER YOUTH EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING PROGRAMS "Sec. 251. Purpose. "Sec. 252. Authorization of appropriations; allotment and allocation. "Sec. 253. Use of funds. "Sec. 254. Limitations. "Sec. 255. Applicable provisions. "Sec. 256. Transfer of funds. "PART C—YOUTH TRAINING PROGRAM "Sec. 261. Statement of purpose. "Sec. 262. Allotment and allocation. "Sec. 263. Eligibility for services. "Sec. 264. Program design. "Sec. 265. Linkages. "Sec. 266. Transfer of funds. "TITLE III—EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ASSISTANCE FOR DISLOCATED WORKERS "Sec. 301. Definitions. "Sec. 302. Allotment. "Sec. 303. Recapture and reallotment of unexpended funds. "PART A—STATE DELIVERY OF SERVICES "Sec. 31L State plan. "Sec. 312. Substate grantees. "Sec. 313. Substate plan. "Sec. 314. Use of funds; services to be provided. "Sec. 315. Limitations on uses of funds. "Sec. 316. Retraining services availability. "Sec. 317. Functions of State job training coordinating council. "PART B—FEDERAL RESPONSIBILITIES "Sec. 321. Federal administration. "Sec. 322. Federal delivery of dislocated worker services. "Sec. 323. Allowable activities. "Sec. 324. Demonstration programs. "Sec. 325. Defense conversion adjustment program. "Sec. 326. Clean Air Employment Transition Assistance. "TITLE IV—FEDERALLY ADMINISTERED PROGRAMS "PART A—EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR NATIVE AMERICANS AND MIGRANT AND SEASONAL FARMWORKERS "Sec. 401. Native American programs. "Sec. 402. Migrant and seasonal farmworker programs. "Sec. 403. Grant procedures. "PART B—JOB CORPS "Sec. 421. Statement of purpose. "Sec. 422. Establishment oi the Job Corps. "Sec. 423. Individuals eligible for the Job Corps. "Sec. 424. Screening and selection of applicants: general provisions. "Sec. 425. Screening and selection: special limitations. "Sec. 426. Enrollment and assignment. "Sec. 427. Job Corps centers. "Sec. 428. Program activities. "Sec. 429. Allowances and support. "Sec. 430. Standards of conduct. "Sec. 431. Community participation. "Sec. 432. Counseling and job placement. "Sec. 433. Experimental and developmental projects and coordination with other programs. "Sec. 433A. Job Corps centers for homeless families. "Sec. 434. Advisory boards and committees. "Sec. 435. Participation of the States. "Sec. 436. Application of provisions of Federal law.