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106 STAT. 1516 PUBLIC LAW 102-386—OCT. 6, 1992 towns. Not less than annually, the Administrator shall make such additions and deletions to and from the list as the Administrator deems appropriate. (2) The Administrator shall, as part of the Small Town Environmental Planning Program under this section, implement a program to notify small communities of the regulations identified under paragraph (1) and of future regulations and requirements through methods that the Administrator determines to be effective to provide information to the greatest number of small communities, including any of the following: (A) Newspapers and other periodicals. (B) Other news media. (C) Trade, mimicipal, and other associations that the Administrator determines to be appropriate. (D) Direct mail. Establishment. (d) SMALL TowN OMBUDSMAN.—The Administrator shall establish and staff an Office of the Small Town Ombudsman. The Office shall provide assistance to small towns in connection with the Small Town Environmental Planning Program and other business with the Agency. Each regional office shall identify a small town contact. The Small Town Ombudsman and the regional contacts also may assist larger communities, but only if first priority is given to providing assistance to small towns. (e) MULTI-MEDL\ PERMITS. — (1) The Administrator shall conduct a study of establishing a multi-media permitting program for small towns. Such evaluation shall include an analysis of— (A) environmental benefits and liabilities of a multimedia permitting program; (B) the potential of using such a program to coordinate a small town's environmental and public health activities; and (C) the legal barriers, if any, to the establishment of such a program. Reports. (2) Within 3 years after the date of enactment of this Act, the Administrator shall report to Congress on the results of the evaluation performed in accordance with paragraph (1). Included in this report shall be a description of the activities conducted pursuant to subsections (a) through (d). (f) DEFINITION.—For purposes of this section, the term "small town" means an incorporated or unincorporated community (as defined by the Administrator) with a population of less than 2,500 individuals. (g) AUTHORIZATION.—There is authorized to be appropriated the simi of $500,000 to implement this section. 42 USC 6965. SEC. 110. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER REPORT. The Chief Financial Officer of each affected agency shall submit to Congress an annual report containing, to the extent practicable, a detailed description of the compliance activities undertaken by the agency for mixed waste streams, and an accounting of the fines and penalties imposed on the agency for violations involving mixed waste.