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PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 106 STAT. 2327 Sec. 2854. Prohibition on commercial development of Calverton Pine Barrens, Calverton, New York. Sec. 2855. Technical revisions to certain maps involving Coastal Barrier Resources System. Sec. 2856. Homeowners assistance for certain individuals affected by Hurricane Andrew. DIVISION C—DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY NATIONAL SECURITY AUTHORIZATIONS AND OTHER AUTHORIZATIONS TITLE XXXI—DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAMS Subtitle A—National Security Programs Authorizations Sec. 3101. Weapons activities. Sec. 3102. New production reactors. Sec. 3103. Environmental restoration and waste management. Sec. 3104. Nuclear materials production and other defense programs. Sec. 3105. Funding uses and limitations. Subtitle B—Recurring General Provisions Sec. 3121. Reprogramming. Sec. 3122. Limits on general plant projects. Sec. 3123. Limits on construction projects. Sec. 3124. Fund transfer authority. Sec. 3125. Authority for construction desi^. Sec. 3126. Authority for emergency planning, design, and construction activities. Sec. 3127. Fluids available for all national security programs of the Department of Energy. Sec. 3128. Availability of funds. Subtitle C—Other Matters Sec. 3131. Use of funds for payment of penalty assessed against Femald Environmental Management Project. Sec. 3132. Department of Energy citizen advisory groups. Sec. 3133. Nuclear Weapons Council membership. Sec. 3134. Reports on the development of new tritium production capacity. Sec. 3135. Technology transfer. Sec. 3136. Expansion of authority to loan personnel and facilities. Sec. 3137. Study of conversion of Nevada test site for use for solar energy production purposes. Subtitle D—International Fissile Material and Warhead Control Sec. 3151. Negotiations. Sec. 3152. Authority to release certain restricted data. Sec. 3153. Development and demonstration program. Sec. 3154. Production of tritium. Subtitle E—Defense Nuclear Workers Sec. 3161. Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities work force restructuring plan. Sec. 3162. Program to monitor Department of Energy workers exposed to hazardous and radioactive siuwtances. Sec. 3163. Definitions. TITLE XXXII—NUCLEAR SAFETY Sec. 3201. Authorization for Defense Nuclear Safety Board. Sec. 3202. Nuclear safety in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. TITLE XXXm—NATIONAL DEFENSE STOCKPILE Subtitle A—Modernization Program Sec. 3301. Definitions. Sec. 3302. Disposal of obsolete and excess materials contained in the National Defense Stockpile. Sec. 3303. Use of barter arrangements in modernization program. Sec. 3304. Deposit of proceeds from disposals in the national defense stockpile fund. Sec. 3305. Authorized uses of stockpile funds. Sec. 3306. Advisory committee regarding operation and modernization of the stockpile.