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106 STAT. 2538 PUBLIC LAW 102-484—OCT. 23, 1992 (1) on April 1, 1993, for officers in Army National Guard units that on that date are designated as round-out/roundup units; (2) on October 1, 1993, for officers in other units of the Army National Guard in the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve that are designated as early deploying units; and (3) on April 1, 1994, for officers in all other Army National Guard combat units. (c) REPORT ON FEASIBILITY.—The Secretary of the Army shall submit to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives a report, not later than March 1, 1993, containing a plan for implementation of subsection (a). The Secretary may include with the report such proposals for legislation to clarify, improve, or modify the provisions of subsection (a) in order to better carry out the purposes of those provisions as the Secretary considers appropriate. SEC. 1114. NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS. (a) NONWAIVABILITY.— Any standard prescribed by the Secretary of the Army establishing a military education requirement for noncommissioned officers that must be met as a requirement for promotion to a higher noncommissioned officer grade may be waived only if the Secretary determines that the waiver is necessary in order to preserve unit leadership continuity under combat conditions. (b) AVAILABILITY OF TRAINING POSITIONS. —The Secretary of the Army shall ensure that there are sufficient training positions available to enable compliance with subsection (a). SEC. 1115. INITIAL ENTRY TRAINING AND NONDEPLOYABLE PERSON- NEL ACCOUNT. (a) ESTABLISHMENT OF PERSONNEL ACCOUNT. — The Secretary of the Army shall establish a personnel accounting category for members of the Army National Guard to be used for categorizing members of the National Guard who have not completed the minimum training required for deployment or who are otherwise not available for deployment. The account shall be designed so that it is compatible with the decentralized personnel systems of the Army Guard and Reserve. The account shall be used for the reporting of personnel readiness and may not be used as a factor in establishing the level of Army Guard and Reserve force structure. (b) USE OF ACCOUNT,—Until a member of the Army National Guard has completed the minimum training necessary for deploy- ment, the member may not be assigned to fill a position in a National Guard unit but shall be carried in the account established under subsection (a). (c) TIME FOR QUALIFICATION FOR DEPLOYMENT.— (1) If at the end of 24 months after a member of the Army National Guard enters the National Guard, the member has not completed the minimum training required for deployment, the member shall be discharged from the Army National Guard. (2) The Secretary of the Army may waive the requirement in paragraph (1) in the case of health care providers and in other cases determined necessary. The authority to make such a waiver may not be delegated.