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106 STAT. 3928 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 the provisions of a new town plan developed and established by a governing board under section 1107 and approved under subsection (d) of this section. In developing such plans, the governing board shall consult with representatives of the units of general local government within whose boundaries are located any portion of the new town demonstration area for the demonstration program to be carried out under such plan. (b) ELIGIBLE NEW TOWN DEMONSTRATION AREAS. —A new town plan under this section shall provide for carrying out a new town development demonstration providing assistance available under this title within a new town demonstration area, which shall be a geographic area defined in the new town plan— (1) that is one of pervasive poverty, unemployment, and general distress; (2) that has an imemployment rate of not less than 1.5 times the national unemployment rate for the 2 years preceding approval of the new town plan; (3) that has a poverty rate of not less than 20 percent during such 2-year period; (4) for wluch not less than 70 percent of the households living in the area have incomes below 80 percent of the median income of households of the unit of general local government in which they are located; (5) that has a shortage of adequate jobs for residents; and (6) that is located— (A) in or near the City or County of Los Angeles, in the State of California; and (B) within an area for which the President, pursuant to title IV or V of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, declared that a miyor disaster or emergency existed for purposes of such Act, as a result of the civil disturbances involving acts of violence occurring on or after April 29, 1992, and before May 6, 1992. (c) CONTENTS.— Each new town plan shall include the following information: (1) GOVERNING BOARD. —^A description of the members and purposes of the governing board that developed the plan, the manner in which members of the governing boiard were selected, and the businesses, agencies, interests, and community ties of each member of the governing board. (2) NEW TOWN DEMONSTRATION AREA.— A definition and description of the new town demonstration area for the new town development demonstration to be assisted under this title. (3) TARGET COMMUNITY. — A description of the economic, social, racial, and ethnic characteristics of the population of the neighborhood or area in which the new town demonstration area is located. (4) AGREEMENTS.— A greements that the governing board will cany out the new town demonstration program in accordance with the requirements of this title. (5) HOUSING UNITS.— A description of the number, size, location, cost, style, and characteristics of rental and homeownership housing units to be developed under the new town demonstration program, anyfinancingfor developing such