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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 3929 housing, and the amount of assistance necessary under section 1105 for developing the housing under the program. (6) JOBS.—^A description of the number, types, and duration of any new jobs that will be created in the new town demonstration area and surroimding areas as a result of the demonstration program, and of any job training activities and apprenticeship programs to be made available in connection with the program. (7) SOCIAL SERVICES. — ^A description of the social and supportive services to be made available under the demonstration program to residents of housing assisted under the demonstration program pursuant to section 1103(d) and to residents of the new town demonstration area. (8) SUPPLEMENT.\L RESOURCES.—A description of any funds, assistance, in-kind contributions, and other resources to be made available in connection with the demonstration program, including the sources and amounts of any private capital resources and non-Federal fluids required under section 1103(h). (9) CONTRACTORS AND DEVELOPERS. —A listing of the contractors and developers who potentially will carry out any construction and rehabilitation work for development of housing under the demonstration program and the expected costs involved in hiring such contractors and developers. (10) FINANCING FOR HOMEBUYERS.— A description of any mortgage lenders who have indicated that they will make financing available to families purchasing housing developed under the demonstration program through mortgages eligible for insurance under section 1104 and proposed terms of such mortgages. (11) COMMITMENTS.—Evidence of any commitments entered into for meiking any of the resources described in paragraphs (6) through (8) available in connection with the demonstration program. (12) PRESALE REQUIREMENTS. —A description of commitments made to purchase not less than 50 percent of the housing to be developed under the demonstration program for purchase by the occupant and to rent not less than 50 percent of the rental dwelling units to be developed under the demonstration program. (13) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES.- A description of the community development activities to be carried out with assistance under section 1106, the amount of assistance necessary under such section for such activities, and of the projectea uses of such assistance. (d) REVIEW AND APPROVAL.— (1) SUBMISSION.—Not later than the expiration of the 6- month period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act, a governing board shall submit a new town plan under this section to the chief executive officers of each unit of general local government within whose boundaries is located any portion of the new to^n demonstration area described under the plan of the board. (2) APPROVAL.—For a plan to be eligible for assistance available under this title, the chief executive officer of all units of general local government to whom the new town plan is submitted shall approve the plan at a public meeting after