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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 3675 Subtitle B—Authority for Public Housing Agencies to Provide Designated Public Housing and Assistance for Disabled Families Sec. 621. Definitions. Sec. 622. Authority. Sec. 623. Tenant-based assistance for persons with disabilities. Sec. 624. Development and reconstruction of housing for disabled families. Sec. 625. Conforming amendments. Sec. 626. Inapplicability to Indian public housing. Subtitle C—Standards and Obligations of Residency in Federally Assisted Housing Sec. 641. Compliance by owners as condition of Federal assistance. Sec. 642. Compliance with criteria for occupancy as requirement for tenancy. Sec. 643. Establishment of criteria for occupancy. Sec. 644. Assisted applications. Subtitle D—Authority to Provide Preferences for Elderly Residents and Units for Disabled Residents in Certain Section 8 Assisted Housing Sec. 651. Authority. Sec. 652. Reservation of units for disabled families. Sec. 653. Secondary preferences. Sec. 654. General availability of units. Sec. 655. Preference within groups. Sec. 656. Prohibition of evictions. Sec. 657. Treatment of covered section 8 housing not subject to elderly preference. Sec. 658. Treatment of other federally assisted housing. Sec. 659. Covered section 8 housing. Sec. 660. Section 8 preference. Sec. 661. Study. Subtitle E—Service Coordinators for Elderly and Disabled Residents of Federally Assisted Housing Sec. 671. Requirement to provide service coordinators. Sec. 672- Required training of service coordinators. Sec. 673. Costs of providing service coordinators in public housing. Sec. 674. Costs of providing service coordinators in project-based section 8 housing. Sec. 675. Costs of providing service coordinators for families receiving Federal tenant-based assistance. Sec. 676. Grants for costs of providing service coordinators in multifamily housing assisted under National Housing Act. Sec. 677. Expanded responsibilities of service coordinators in section 202 housing. Subtitle F—General Provisions Sec. 681. Comprehensive housing affordability strategies. Sec. 682. Conforming amendments. Sec. 683. Definitions. Sec. 684. Applicability. Sec. 685. Regulations. TITLE VII—RURAL HOUSING Sec. 701. Program authorizations. Sec. 702. Eligibility of homes on leased land owned by community land trusts for section 502 loans. Sec. 703. Maximum income of borrowers under guaranteed loans. Sec. 704. Remote rural areas. Sec. 705. Designation of underserved areas and reservation of assistance. Sec. 706. Rural Housing Voucher program. Sec. 707. Rental housing loans. Sec. 708. Nonprofit set-aside. Sec. 709. Consideration of certain areas as rural areas. Sec. 710. Permanent authority for section 523. Sec. 711. Housing preservation grants for replacement of housing. Sec. 712. Preservation. Sec. 713. Disaster assistance. Sec. 714. Prohibition on transfer of rural housing programs. Sec. 715. Site acquisition and development. Sec. 716. Reciprocity in approval of housing subdivisions among Federal agencies.