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106 STAT. 3674 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 Sec. 312. Technical assistance and capcuaty btiilding. Sec. 313. Transition provisions. Sec. 314. Conditions of assistance. Sec. 315. Delegated responsibility to State agencies. Sec. 316. Insurance for second mortgage financing. Sec. 317. Technical amendments. Sec. 318. Study of proprts assisted under flexible subsidy program. Subtitle B—Other Preservation Provisions Sec. 331. Eligibility of public mortgagors for section 236 mortgage insurance. Sec. 332. Regulations. TITLE IV—MULTIFAMILY HOUSING PLANNING AND INVESTMENT STRATEGIES Sec. 401. Definitions. Sec. 402. Required submission. Sec. 403. Contents. Sec. 404. Submission and review. Sec. 405. Troubled multifamily housing. Sec. 406. Flexible subsidy program. Sec. 407. Capacity study. Sec. 408. Flexible subsidy program. TITLE V—MORTGAGE INSURANCE AND SECONDARY MORTGAGE MARKET Subtitle A—^FHA Mortgage Insurance Programs Sec. 501. Limitation on insurance authority. Sec. 502. Federal Housing Administration Advisory Board. Sec. 503. Maximum mortgage amount. Sec. 504. FHA annual report. Sec. 505. Maximum principal obligation of mortgages for veterans. Sec. 506. Prepurchase counseling requirement. Sec. 507. Authority to decrease insurance premium charges. Sec. 508. Statute of limitations on payment of distributive shares. Sec. 509. Mortgage limits for multifamily projects. Sec. 510. Insurance of loans for operating losses of multifamily projects. Sec. 511. Eligibility of assisted living facilities for mortgage insurance under section 232. Sec. 512. Expediting insurance for acquisition of Resolution Trust Corporation property. Sec. 513. Energy enicient mortgages pilot program. Sec. 514. Study regarding home warranty plans. Sec. 515. Expenditures to correct defects. Sec. 516. Payment of mortgage insurance claims. Sec. 517. Coverage of the Miutifamily Mortgage Foreclosure Act. Sec. 518. Mortgagee Review Board. Sec. 519. Definition of mortgagee. Sec. 520. Exemption from section 137(b) of the Truth in Lending Act. Subtitle B—Secondary Mortgage Market Programs Sec. 531. Limitation on GNMA guarantees of mortgage-backed securities. Sec. 532. Authority for GNMA to make hardship interest payments. Subtitle C—Improvement of Financing for Multifamily Housing Sec. 541. Short title. Sec. 542. Multifamily mortgage credit demonstrations. Sec. 543. National interagency task force on multifamily housing. Sec. 544. Definitions. TITLE VI—HOUSING FOR ELDERLY PERSONS AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Subtitle A—Supportive Housing Programs Sec. 601. Funding for supportive housing for the elderly and for {>ersons with disabilities. Sec. 602. Supportive housing for the elderl]^. Sec. 603. Supportive housing for persons with disabilities. Sec. 604. Revised congregate housing services program. Sec. 605. HOPE for elderly independence. Sec. 606. Housing opportunities for persons with AIDS.