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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 3679 Sec. 1355. Studies ofeffectsofprivatization of FNMA and FHLMC. Sec. 1356. Transition. Subtitle B—Required Capital Levels for Enterprises and Special Enforcement Powers Sec. 1361. Risk-based capital levels. Sec. 1362. Minimum capital levels. Sec. 1363. Critical capital levels. Sec. 1364. Capital classifications. Sec. 1365. Supervisory actions applicable to undercapitalized enterprises. Sec. 1366. Supervisory actions applicable to significantly undercapitalized enterprises. Sec. 1367. Appointment of conservators for critically undercapitalized enterprises. Sec. 1368. Notice of classification and enforcement action. Sec. 1369. Appointment of conservators. Sec. 1369A. Powers of conservators. Sec. 1369B. Liability protection for conservators. Sec. 1369C. Capital restoration plans. Sec. 1369D. Judicial review of director action. Subtitle C—Enforcement Provisions Sec. 1371. Cease-suid-desist proceedings. Sec. 1372. Temporary cease-and-desist orders. Sec. 1373. Hearings. Sec. 1374. Judicial review. Sec. 1375. Enforcement and jurisdiction. Sec. 1376. Civil money penalties. Sec. 1377. Notice after separation from service. Sec. 1378. Private rights of action. Sec. 1379. Public disclosure of final orders and agreements. Sec. 1379A. Notice of service. Sec. 1379B. Subpoena authority. Subtitle D—Amendments to Charter Acts of Enterprises Sec. 1381. Amendments to Federal National Mortgage Association Charter Act. Sec. 1382. Amendments to Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation Act. Sec. 1383. Implementation. Subtitle E—Regulation of Federal Home Loan Bank System Sec. 1391. Primacy of financial safety and soundness for Federal Housing Finance Board. Sec. 1392. Advances under Federal Home Loan Bank Act. Sec. 1393. Studies regarding Federal Home Loan Bank system. Sec. 1394. Report of Federal Home Loan Bank members. Sec. 1395. Reports regarding consolidation of Federal Home Loan Bank system. TITLE XIV—HOUSING PROGRAMS UNDER STEWART B. MCKINNEY HOMELESS ASSISTANCE ACT Subtitle A—Housing Assistance Sec. 1401. Short title. Sec. 1402. Emergency Shelter Grants program. Sec. 1403. Supportive Housing program. Sec. 1404. Safe Havens for Homeless Individuals Demonstration program. Sec. 1405. Section 8 assistance for single room occupancy dwellings. Sec. 1406. Shelter Plus Care program. Sec. 1407. FHA single family property disposition. Sec. 1408. Rural Homelessness Grant program. Sec. 1409. Evaluation of prc^prams. Sec. 1410. Extension of original McKinney Act Housing programs. Sec. 1411. Consultation and report regarding use of National Guard facilities as overnight shelters for homeless individuals. Sec. 1412. Strategy to eliminate unfit transient facilities. Sec. 1413. Amendments to table of contents. Sec. 1414. Use of FMHA inventory for transitional housing for homeless persons and for turnkey housing. Subtitle B—Interagency Council on the Homeless Sec. 1421. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 1422. Extension.