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!()(> STAT. 3680 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 Subtitle C—Federal Emergency Management Food and Shelter Program Sec. 1431. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 1432. Employment and participation of homeless individuals in local programs. TITLE XV—ANNUNZIO-WYLIE ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING ACT Sec. 1500. Short title. Subtitle A—Termination of Charters, Insurance, and Offices Sec. 1501. Authority to appoint conservator for depository institutions convicted of money laundering. Sec. 1502. Revoking charter of Federal depository institutions convicted of money laundering or cash transaction reporting offenses. Sec. 1503. Terminating insurance of State depository institutions convicted of money laundering or cash transaction reporting offenses. Sec. 1504. Removing parties involved in currency reporting violations. Sec. 1505. Unauthorized participation. Sec. 1506. Access by State financial institution supervisors to currency transactions reports. Sec. 1507. Restricting State branches and agencies of foreign banks convicted of money laundering offenses. Subtitle B—Nonbank Financial Institutions and General Provisions Sec. 1511. Identification of financial institutions. Sec. 1512. Prohibition of illegal money transmitting businesses. Sec. 1513. Compliance procedures. Sec. 1514. Nondisclosure of orders. Sec. 1515. Provisions relating to recordkeeping with respect to certain funds transfers. Sec. 1516. Use of certain records. Sec. 1517. Suspicious transactions and financial institution anti-money laundering programs. Sec. 1518. Anti-money laundering training team. Sec. 1519. International money laundering reports. Subtitle C—Money Laundering Enforcement Improvements Sec. 1521. Jurisdiction in civil forfeiture cases. Sec. 1522. Civil forfeiture of fungible property. t Sec. 1523. Procedure for subpoenaing bank records. Sec. 1524. Deletion of redundant and inadvertently limiting provision in 18 U.S.C. 1956. Sec. 1525. Structuring transactions to evade CMIR requirement. Sec. 1526. Clarification of definition of financial institution. Sec. 1527. Definition of financial transaction. Sec. 1528. Obstructing a money laundering investigation. Sec. 1529. Awards in money laundering cases. Sec. 1530. Penalty for money laundering conspiracies. Sec. 1531. Technical and conforming amendments to money laundering provision. Sec. 1532. Preclusion of notice to possible suspects of existence of a grand jury subpoena for bank records in money laundering and controlled substance investigations. Sec. 1533. Elimination of restriction on disposal of forfeited property by the Department of the Treasury and the Postal Service. Sec. 1534. New money laundering predicate offenses. Sec. 1535. Amendments to the Banx Secrecy Act. Sec. 1536. Expansion of money laundering law to cover proceeds of certain foreign crimes. Subtitle D—Reports and Miscellaneous Sec. 1541. Study and report on reimbursing financial institutions and others for providing financial records. Sec. 1542. Reports of information regarding safety and soundness of depository institutions. Sec. 1543. Immunity. Sec. 1544. Interagency information sharing. Subtitle E—Counterfeit Deterrence Sec. 1551. Short title. Sec. 1552. Increase in penalties. Sec. 1553. Deterrents to counterfeiting. Sec. 1554. Reproductions of currency. . t