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106 STAT. 4076 PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 "Sec. 206. Cooperation withforeignsupervimra. "Sec. 207..^mroval remiired for acquisition 1^ foreign banks of shares of United states banks. "Sec. 208. Penalties. "Sec. 209. Pbwers of agencies respecting applications, examinations, and other pro- "Sec. 210. Clarification of managerial standards in Bank Hdding Company Act of 1956. "Sec. 211. Standards and factors in the Home Owners' Loan Act "Sec. 212. AuthoriW of Federal banking agencies to enforce consumer statutes. "Sec. 213. Criminal penalty for violating the International Banking Act of 1978. "Sec. 214. Miscellaneous amendments to the International Banking: Act oi 1978. "Sec. 215. Study and report on subsidiary requirements for foreign nanks. "Subtitle B—Customer and Consumer Provisions "Sec. 221. Study on regulatory burden. "Sec. 222. Discussion of lending data. "Sec. 223. Enforcement of Equal Credit Opportunity Act "Sec. 224. Home Mortimge Disclosure Act •"'• "Sec. 225. Notice of safeguard exception. "Sec. 226. Delegated processing. "Sec. 227. Deposits at nonproprietary automated teller machines. "Sec. 228. Nonce of branch closure. "Subtitle C—Bank Enterprise Act "Sec. 231. Short title. "Sec. 232. Reduced assessment rate for deposits attrilmtable to lifeline accounts. "Sec. 233. Assessment credits for qualifying activities relating to distressed communities. "Sec. 234. Community development organizations. "Subtitle D—FDIC Property Disposition "Sec. 241. FDIC affordable housing program. "Subtitle E—Whistleblower Protections "Sec. 251. Additional whistleblower protections. "Subtitle F—Truth in Savings "Sec. 261. Short title. "Sec. 262. Findings and purpose. "Sec. 263. Disdoeureofmterest rates and terms of accounts. "Sec. 264. Account schedule. "Sec. 266. Disclosure requirements for certain accounts. "Sec. 266. Distribution of schedules. "Sec. 267. Payment of interest "Sec. 268. Periodic statements. "Sec. 269. Regulations. "Sec. 270. Administrative enforcement "Sec. 271. CivU liability. "Sec. 272. Credit unions. "Sec. 273. Effect on State law. "Sec. 274. Definitions. "TITLE m-PEDERALDEPOSrriNSURANCE REFORM "Subtitle A—Activities "Sec. 301. Limitations on brokered deposits and deposit solicitations. "Sec. 302. Risk-based assessments. "Sec. 303. Restrictions on insured State bank activities. "Sec. 304. Restrictions on real estate lending. "Sec. 305. Improving capital standards. \ "Sec. 306. SaWuards against insider abuse. .,,> .;; "Sec. 307. FDIC back-up enforcement authority. "Sec. 308. Interbank liabilities. "Subtitle B—Coverage "Sec. 311. Deposit and pass-throu|^ insurance. "Sec. 312. Foreign deposits. "Sec. 313. Penalty for fSedse assessment reports. "Subtitle C—Demonstration Project and Studies "Sec. 321. Feasibility study on authorizing insured and uninsured deposit accounts.