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PUBLIC LAW 102-550—OCT. 28, 1992 106 STAT. 3705 and for selections from a single list of all applicants. The criteria shall include— "(A) the quality of the plan for rehabilitating the eligible housing; "(B) the exUmt of the capacity or potential capacity of the proposed manager to manage the housing and to carry out the rehabilitation program; "(C) the extent to which a program is proposed to enable residents to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency; "(D) the extent to which the planned rehabilitation will result in the long-term viabihty of the housing at a reasonable cost; and "(E) such other criteria as the Secretary may require.


"(1) TERMS.—After the Secretary approves an application, the Secretary shall enter into a contract with the manager for transfer of management of the eligible housing. In addition to other contract provisions required under this section, the contract shall— "(A) give the manager the right to receive operating subsidies under subsection (d) and capital improvement funding under subsection (e); "(B) require the manager to carry out all management responsibilities for the eligible housing, as provided in or required by the contract; "(C) require the manager to carry out, for the eligible housing, all management responsibilities applicable to public housing agencies owning or operating public housing projects, including (i) msdntaining the imits in decent, safe, and sanitary condition in accordance with any standards for public housing established or adopted by the Secretary, (ii) determining eligibility of applicants for occupancy of units subject to the requirements of this Act, (iii) terminating tenancy in accordance with the procedures applicable to the section 8 new construction program, and (iv) determining the amoxmt of rent paid for units in accordance with this Act; and "(D) permit, but not require, the manager to select applicants from the public housing waiting list maintained by the public housing agency. "(2) EXTENSION, IJXPIRATION, AND TERMINATION.— "(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall provide for a resident council that has entered into a contract under this subsection to— "(i) approve the renewal of the contract between the Secretar]^ and the manager; or "(ii) disapprove renewal and submit an application to the Secretary, in accordance with subsection (f), proposing another manager, which may be the public housing agency. "(B) DEFAULT.—If the Secretary determines that a manager is in default of its responsibilities under the contract, the Secretary may require the resident council to submit another application proposing a different laanager, which may be thcs public housing agency, "(i) OTHER PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. —