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PUBLIC LAW 102-569—OCT. 29, 1992 106 STAT. 4463 "(7) RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES.— The center shall conduct resource development activities to obtain funding from sources other than this diapter. "(c) ASSURANCES.—The eligible agency shall provide at such time and in such manner as the Commissioner may require, such satisfactory assurances as the Commissioner may require, including satisfactory assurances that— "(1) the applicant is an eligible agency; "(2) the center will be designed and operated within local communities by individuals with disabilities, including an assurance that the center will have a Board that is the principal governing body of the center and a m^ority of which shall be composed of individuals with severe disabilities; "(3) the applicant will comply with the standards set forth in subsection (b); " (4) the applicant will establish clear priorities through annual and 3-year program and financial planning objectives for the center, including overall goals or a mission for the center, a work plan for achieving the goals or mission, specific objectives, service priorities, and types of services to be provided, and a description that shall demonstrate how the proposed activities of the applicant are consistent with the most recent 3-year State plan under section 704; "(5) the applicant will use sound organizational and personnel assignment practices, including taking af!irmative action to employ and advance in employment qualified individuals with severe disabilities on the same terms and conditions required with respect to the employment of individuals with disabilities under section 503; "(6) the applicant will ensure that the majority of the staff, and individuals in decisionmaking positions, of the applicant are individuals with disabilities; " (7) the applicant will practice soimd fiscal management, including making arrsmgements for an annual independent fiscal audit; "(8) the applicant will conduct annual self-evaluations, prepare an annual report, and maintain records adequate to measure performance with respect to the standards, containing information regarding, at a minimum— "(A) the extent to which the center is in compliance with the standards; "(B) the number and types of individuals with severe disabilities receiving services through the center; "(C) the types of services provided through the center and the number of individuals with severe disabilities receiving each type of service; "(D) the sources and amounts of funding for the operation of the center; " (E) the number of individuals with severe disabilities who are employed by, and the number who are in management and decisionmaking positions in, the center; and "(F) a comparison, when appropriate, of the activities of the center in prior years with the activities of the center in the most recent year; "(9) individuals with severe disabilities who are seeking or receiving services at the center will be notified by the center