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106 STAT. 4604 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 Sec 3403. Definitions. Sec. 3404. Limitation on contracting and contract reform. Sec. 3405. Water transfers, improved water management and conservation. Sec. 3406. Fish, wildlife and habitat restoration. Sec. 3407. Restoration fund. Sec. 3408. Additional authorities. Sec. 3409. Environmental review. Sec. 3410. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 3411. Compliance with State water law and coordinated operations agreement Sec. 3412. Extension of the Tehama-Colusa Canal service area. TITLE XXXV—THREE AFFILIATED TRIBES AND STANDING ROCK SIOUX TRIBE EQUITABLE COMPENSATION PROGRAM, NORTH DAKOTA Sec. 3501. Short title. Sec. 3502. Definitions. Sec. 3503. Findings; Declarations. Sec. 3504. Funds. Sec. 3505. Eligibility for other services not affected. Sec. 3506. Per capita payments prohibited. Sec. 3507. Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation. Sec. 3508. Transfer of lands. Sec. 3509. Transfer of lands at the Ohae Dam and Lake project. Sec. 3510. Conforming amendment. Sec. 3511. Authorization. TITLE XXXVI—SONOMA BAYLANDS WETLAND DEMONSTRATION PROJECT, CAUFORNIA Sec. 3601. Sonoma Baylands wetland demonstration project. TITLE XXXVII—SAN CARLOS APACHE TRIBE WATER RIGHTS SETTLEMENT, ARIZONA Sec. 370L Short title. Sec. 3702. Congressional findings. Sec. 3703, Definitions. Sec. 3704. Water. Sec. 3705. Ratification and confirmation of contracts. Sec. 3706. Water delivery contract amendments; water lease, water withdrawal. Sec. 3707. Construction and rehabilitation; trust fund. Sec. 3708. Satisfaction of claims. Sec. 3709. Environmental compliance. Sec. 3710. Miscellaneotis provisions. Sec. 3711. Effective date. TITLE XXXVIII—SAN FRANCISCO WATER RECLAMATION AND REUSE DEMONSTRATION PROJECT ACT TITLE XXXIX—SIPHON REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT TITLE X^-NATIONAL HISTORIC PRESERVATION ACT AMENDMENTS Sec. 4001. Short title. Sec. 4002. Policy. Sec. 4003. Review of threats to properties. Sec. 4004. State historic preservation programs. Sec. 4005. Certification of local governments. Sec. 4006. Tribal historic preservation programs. Sec. 4007. Matching grants. Sec. 4008. Education and training. Sec. 4009. Requirements for awarding of grants. Sec. 4010. Apportionment of grant funds. Sec. 4011. Extension of authorization for historic preservation fund. Sec. 4012. Federal agency historic preservation programs. Sec. 4013. Lease or exchange of Federal housing properties. Sec. 4014. Professional standards. Sec. 4015. Interstate and international traffic in antiquities. Sec. 4016. Membership of advisory council on historic preservation. Sec. 4017. Authorization of appropriations for advisory council on historic preservation. Sec. 4018. Advisory council regulations. Sec. 4019. Definitions. Sec. 4020. Access to information.