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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4641 rently with amounts available for implementation of title II of this Act. (c) Of the amounts allocated for implementation of the mitigation and conservation projects and features specified in the schedule in section 315, three percent of the total shall be used by the Secretary to fulfill subsections (d) and (e) of this section. (d) The Secretary shall use the sums identified in subsection (c) outside the State of Utah to: (1) restore damaged natural ecosystems on public lands and waterways affected by the Federal Reclamation program; (2) acquire, from willing sellers only, other lands and properties, including water rights, or appropriate interests therein, with restorable damaged natural ecosystems, and restore such ecosystems; (3) provide jobs and sustainable economic development in a manner that carries out the other purposes of this subsection; (4) provide expanded recreational opportunities; and (5) support and encourage research, training, and education in methods and technologies of ecosystem restoration. (e) In implementing subsection (d), the Secretary shall give priority to restoration and acquisition of lands and properties or appropriate interests therein where repair of compositional, structural, and functional values will: (1) reconstitute natural biological diversity that has been diminished; (2) assist the recovery of species populations, communities, and ecosystems that are unable to survive on-site without intervention; (3) allow reintroduction and reoccupation by native flora and fauna; (4) control or eliminate exotic flora and fauna that are damaging natural ecosystems; (5) restore natural habitat for the recruitment and survival offish, waterfowl, and other wildlife; (6) provide additional conservation values to State and local government lands; (7) add to structural and compositional values of existing ecological preserves or enhance the viability, defensibility, and manageability of ecological preserves; and (8) restore natural hydrological effects including sediment and erosion control, drainage, percolation, and other water quaUty improvement capacity. SEC. 315. FISH, WILDLIFE, AND RECREATION SCHEDULE. The mitigation and conservation projects and features shall be implemented in accordance with the following schedide: