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108 STAT. 1076 PUBLIC LAW 103-272—JULY 5, 1994 (c) STATE AND POLITICAL SUBDIVISION AUTOMOBILES.— A State or a political subdivision of a State may prescribe requirements for fuel economy for automobiles obtained for its own use. CHAPTER 331—THEFT PREVENTION Sec 33101. Definitions. 33102. Theft prevention standard for high theft lines. 33103. Theft prevention standard for other lines. 33104. Designation of high theft vehicle lines and parts. 33105. Cost limitations. 33106. Exemption for passenger motor vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices. 33107. Voluntary vehicle identification standards. 33108. Monitoring compliance of manufacturers. 33109. National Stolen Passenger Motor Vehicle Information System. 33110. Verifications involving junk and salvage motor vehicles. 33111. Verifications involving motor vehicle major parts. 33112. Insurance reports and information. 33113. Theft reports. 33114. Prohibited acts. 33115. Civil penalties and enforcement. 33116. Confidentiality of information. 33117. Judicial review. 33118. Preemption of State and local law. §33101. Definitions In this chapter— (1) "chop shop" means a building, lot, facility, or other structure or premise at which at least one person engages in receiving, concealing, destroying, disassembling, dismantling, reassembling, or storing a passenger motor vehicle or passenger motor vehicle part that has been unlawfully obtained— (A) to alter, counterfeit, deface, destroy, disguise, falsify, forge, obliterate, or remove the identity of the vehicle or part, including the vehicle identification number or a derivative of that number; and (B) to distribute, sell, or dispose of the vehicle or part in interstate or foreign commerce. (2) "covered major part" means a major part selected under sections 33102(c)(1) and 33104 of this title for coverage by the vehicle theft prevention standard prescribed under section 33102 or 33103. (3) "existing line" means a line introduced into commerce before January 1, 1990. (4) "first purchaser" means the person making the first purchase other than for resale. (5) "line" means a name that a manufacturer of motor vehicles applies to a group of motor vehicle models of the same make that have the same body or chassis, or otherwise are similar in construction or design. (6) "major part" means— (A) the engine; (B) the transmission; (C) each door to the passenger compartment; (D) the hood; (E) the grille; (F) each bumper; (G) each front fender; (H) the deck lid, tailgate, or hatchback; (I) each rear quarter panel;