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PUBLIC LAW 103-322—SEPT. 13, 1994 108 STAT. 1951 "(A) arrests, convictions, and arrest warrants for stalking or domestic violence or for violations of protection orders for the protection of parties from stalking or domestic violence; and "(B) protection orders for the protection of persons from stalking or domestic violence, provided such orders are subject to periodic verification. "(3) As used in this subsection— "(A) the term 'national crime information databases' means the National Crime Information Center and its incorporated criminal history databases, including the Interstate Identification Index; and "(B) the term 'protection order' includes an injunction or any other order issued for the purpose of preventing violent or threatening acts or harassment against, or contact or communication with or physical proximity to, another person, including temporary and final orders issued by civil or criminal courts (other than support or child custody orders) whether obtained by filing an independent action or as a pendente lite order in another proceeding so long as any civil order was issued in response to a complaint, petition, or motion filed by or on behalf of a person seeking protection.". (b) RULEMAKING. — The Attorney General may make rules to carry out the subsection added to section 534 of title 28, United States Code, by subsection (a), after consultation with the officials charged with managing the National Crime Information Center and the Criminal Justice Information Services Advisory Policy Board. SEC. 40602. GRANT PROGRAM. (a) IN GENERAL. — The Attorney General is authorized to provide grants to States and units of local government to improve processes for entering data regarding stalking and domestic violence into local. State, and national crime information databases. (b) ELIGIBILITY.— To be eligible to receive a grant under subsection (a), a State or unit of local government shall certify that it has or intends to establish a program that enters into the National Crime Information Center records of— (1) warrants for the arrest of persons violating protection orders intended to protect victims from stalking or domestic violence; (2) arrests or convictions of persons violating protection or domestic violence; and (3) protection orders for the protection of persons from stalking or domestic violence. SEC. 40603. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out this sub- (1) $1,500,000 for fiscal year 1996; (2) $1,750,000 for fiscal year 1997; and (3) $2,750,000 for fiscal year 1998. SEC. 40604. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS. An application for a grant under this subtitle shall be submitted in such form and manner, and contain such information, as the Attorney General may prescribe. In addition, applications shall include documentation showing— title 28 USC 534 note. 42 USC 14031 note. 42 USC 14032. 42 USC 14033.