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PUBLIC LAW 103-337—OCT. 5, 1994 108 STAT. 2671 Sec. 1064. Revision of authority for use of Navy installations to provide prerelease employment training to nonviolent offenders in State penal systems. Sec. 1065. Demonstration project for use of Army installations to provide prerelease employment training to nonviolent offenders in State penal systems. Sec. 1066. Interagency placement program for Federal employees affected by reductions in force. Sec. 1067. National Museum of Health and Medicine. Sec. 1068. Assignments of employees between Federal agencies and federally funded research and development centers. Sec. 1069. Review of the Bottom Up Review and the Future-Year Defense Program and establishment of new funding requirements and priorities. Sec. 1070. Technical and clerical amendments. Sec. 1071. Authorization to exchange certain items for transportation services. Sec. 1072. Air National Guard fighter aircraft force structure. Sec. 1073. Sense of Congress concerning visas for high-level officials of Taiwan. Sec. 1074. Defense Mapping Agency. Sec. 1075. Limitation regarding telecommunications requirements. TITLE XI—DEFENSE CONVERSION, REINVESTMENT, AND TRANSITION ASSISTANCE Sec. 1101. Short title. Sec. 1102. Funding of defense conversion, reinvestment, and transition assistance programs for fiscal year 1995. Subtitle A—Defense Technology and Industrial Base, Defense Reinvestment, and Defense Conversion Sec. 1111. Funding of defense technology reinvestment programs for fiscal year 1995. Sec. 1112. Support for technologies with applicability for law enforcement and military operations other than war. Sec. 1113. Federal defense laboratory diversification and Navy reinvestment in the technology and industrial base. Sec. 1114. Loan guarantees under defense dual-use assistance extension program. Sec. 1115. Financial commitment requirements for small business concerns for participation in technology reinvestment projects. Sec. 1116. Conditions on funding of defense technology reinvestment projects. Sec. 1117. Use of certain funds pending submission of a national teclmology and industrial base periodic defense capability assessment and a periodic defense capability plan. Sec. 1118. Documentation for awards for cooperative agreements or other transactions under defense technology reinvestment programs. Sec. 1119. Comptroller General assessment of extent to which technology and industrial base programs attain policy objectives. Subtitle B—Community Adjustment and Assistance Programs Sec. 1121. Funds for adjustment and diversification assistance for States and local governments from Office of Economic Adjustment. Sec. 1122. Studies and plans for market diversification. Sec. 1123. Advance community adjustment and economic diversification planning. Subtitle C—Personnel Adjustment, Education, and Training Programs Sec. 1131. Teacher and teacher's aide placement programs. Sec. 1132. Assistance for eligible members to obtain employment with law enforcement agencies. Sec. 1133. Pilot program to place separated members and terminated defense employees in teaching positions as bilingual math and science teachers. Sec. 1134. Demonstration project to assist separated members and terminated defense workers to become business owners. Sec. 1135. Demonstration project to promote ship recycling as a method to assist separated members and terminated defense workers. Sec. 1136. Administration and funding of defense diversification program and defense conversion adjustment program under Job Training Partnership Act, Sec. 1137. Assistance for certain workers dislocated due to reductions by the United States in the export of defense articles and services. Subtitle D—Other Matters Sec. 1141. Extension of Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support Initiative and establishment of ARMS initiative loan guarantee program. Sec. 1142. Changes in notice requirements upon pending or actual termination of defense programs.