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PUBLIC LAW 103-340—OCT. 6, 1994 108 STAT. 3121 graph (1) for the purpose of designing and constructing a facility for an environmental education center and refuge headquarters on lands located within the John Heinz National Wildlife Ref- uge at Tinicum; and (4) donate the facility to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service upon completion of its construction. (c) CusANO BEQUEST DEFINED. —For purposes of this section, the term "Cusano bequest" means the amounts totsding approximately $2,473,971 which were donated to the Department of the Interior in 1994 by Mr. Antonio Cusano of Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, and includes all proceeds derived from such amounts in the period since the donation was made. Approved October 6, 1994. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 3679: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 103-521 (Comm. on Merchant Marine and Fisheries). SENATE REPORTS: No. 103-363 (Comm. on Environment and Public Works). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 140 (1994): May 23, considered and passed House. Sept. 21, considered and peissed Senate.