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108 STAT. 3120 PUBLIC LAW 103-340—OCT. 6, 1994 Fellowships and scholarships. 16 USC 719b. 16 USC 719c. 16 USC 668dd note. (2) select winning designs from among those submissions for use for licensing and marketing under subsection (b). (b) LICENSING AND MARKETING OF DESIGN OF JUNIOR DUCK STAMPS. —As part of the Program, the Secretary may— (1) license and market winning designs selected in competitions under subsection (a); and (2) license and market stamps bearing those designs, which shall be known as Junior Duck Stamps. (c) USE OF PROCEEDS FROM LICENSING AND MARKETING OF JUNIOR DUCK STAMPS AND JUNIOR DUCK STAMP DESIGNS.— Amounts received under subsection (b)— (1) shall be available to the Secretary until expended, without further appropriations, solely for— (A) awards and scholarships to individuals who submit designs in competitions under subsection (a), that are— (i) selected in such a competition as winning desi^s; or (ii) otherwise determined in such a competition to be superior; (B) awards to schools and other participants to further education activities related to the conservation education goals of the Program; and (C) expenses for licensing and marketing under subsection (b); and (2) may not be used for administrative expenses of the Program. SEC. 4. ACCEPTANCE OF GIFTS, DEVISES, AND BEQUESTS. The Secretary may accept and use any gift, devise, or bequest of personal property, or proceeds thereof, for the purpose of funding the activities described in section 3(c)(1)(A) and (B). SEC. 5. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary for administrative expenses of the Program $250,000 for each of the fiscal years 1995 through 2000. SEC. 6. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CENTER AND REFUGE HEAD- QUARTERS AT JOHN HEINZ NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE ATTINICUM. (a) IN GENERAL.— Notwithstanding other laws and subject to subsection (b), the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, may transfer to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation the Cusano bequest. (b) CONDITIONS OF TRANSFER.—As a condition of transferring the Cusano bequest under subsection (a), the Secretary of the Interior shall require the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to enter into an agreement under which the Foundation is required to— (1) solicit additional non-Federal contributions to provide a dollar for dollar match of the Cusano bequest; (2) manage the Cusano bequest and those contributions in accordance with all applicable requirements of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act (16 U.S.C. 3701 et seq.); (3) use all amounts and proceeds from the Cusano bequest and any non-Federal contributions received pursuant to para-