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109 STAT. 1946 PROCLAMATION 6857—DEC. 11, 1995 170. (con.): Annex II (con.) -46- Otbar tioMn ftbrle*, canttlning 0 parcwt or Mr* ty ytl^t Af polyMtw fllaMnte (can.}i S407.61 Conulnint K pwcwt or aor* bf Coon.) Mol^t of fNn*toKtufod potytotor fllMMMO (e«i.>i Otbari 9407.61.91 llwlly of pelywtor, of •tnilo yarno mmmjtltm not looo tiMn 79 dteitM but not Mr* tkon M tfteltoK, iMWint M ftlMMMo por V«m ond tiitk a tiriot of MO or wan tumo por Mtor.... 16.a Froo (ID SIS ZM (O) •.ttOM) 9407.A1.99 Otlwr W.« froo UL) SIX (CM S.a(M() 9407. «» Otbort 9M7;M.10 UHMoochod or Moochod HJK Froo (IL) SIX 3.a (CM 8.4X(m) 5407.M.20 Dyod. M.a( Froo <IL) SIX (Co S.«X(m) Of yamo of difforont eatorat 940I7.MJO Tho tkrood couit of lAfck ptr em (traatlni Hiltiplo (foldtd) or cMod yarm ao afaita tkroadi) la OMr M but not OMr 142 In tho aofp ond OMr SI but net «war 71 In tiw flUlnp. 19.40A0 • Froo CIL) 24.HAa • «R 4A/ta« SIX 4JX (Cft) 10UX («) 9407.40.40 OIlNr 19JX Free (ID SIX S.4X (CM S.«0«} 9407.40.90 Printad. 1MK Free (IL) SUP JM (OM