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PUBLIC LAW 104-132—APR. 24, 1996 110 STAT. 1311 SEC. 809. ASSESSING AND REDUCING THE THREAT TO LAW ENFORCE- 42 USC 3721 MENT OFFICERS FROM THE CRIMINAL USE OF FIREARMS note. AND AMMUNITION. (a) The Secretary of the Treasury, in conjunction with the Attorney General, shall conduct a study and make recommendations . concerning— (1) the extent and nature of the deaths and serious injuries, in the line of duty during the last decade, for law enforcement officers, including— (A) those officers who were feloniously killed or seriously injured and those that died or were seriously injured as a result of accidents or other non-felonious causes; (B) those officers feloniously killed or seriously injured with firearms, those killed or seriously injured with, separately, handguns firing handgun caliber ammunition, handguns firing rifle caliber ammunition, rifles firing rifle caliber ammunition, rifles firing handgun caliber ammunition and shotguns; (C) those officers feloniously killed or seriously injured with firearms, and killings or serious injuries committed with firearms taken by officers' assailants from officers, and those committed with other officers' firearms; and (D) those killed or seriously injured because shots attributable to projectiles defined as "armor piercing, ammunition" under section 921(a)(17)(B)(i) and (ii) of title 18, United States Code, pierced the protective material of bullet resistant vests and bullet resistant headgear; (2) whether current passive defensive strategies, such as body armor, are adequate to counter the criminal use of firearms against law officers; and (3) the calibers of ammunition that are— (A) sold in the greatest quantities; (B) their common uses, according to consultations with industry, sporting organizations and law enforcement; (C) the calibers commonly used for civilian defensive * or sporting uses that would be affected by any prohibition on non-law enforcement sales of such ammunition, if such ammunition is capable of penetrating minimum level bullet ^ resistant vests; and (D) recommendations for increase in body armor capabilities to further protect law enforcement from threat. (b) In conducting the study, the Secretary shall consult with other Federal, State and local officials, non-governmental organizations, including all national police organizations, national sporting organizations and national industry associations with expertise in ^ this area and such other individuals as shall be deemed necessary. Such study shall be presented to Congress twelve months after the enactment of this Act and made available to the public, including any data tapes or data used to form such recommendations. (c) There are authorized to be appropriated for the study and Appropriation recommendations such sums as may be necessary. authorization. SEC. 810. STUDY AND REPORT ON ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE. (a) STUDY.— The Attorney General and the Director of the Fed- -. eral Bureau of Investigation shall study all applicable laws and guidelines relating to electronic surveillance and the use of pen registers and other trap and trace devices.