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PUBLIC LAW 104-170—AUG. 3, 1996 110 STAT. 1505 "(D) 90 days for a substantially similar or identical antimicrobial product; "(E) 90 days for an amendment to an antimicrobial registration that does not require scientific review of data; and "(F) 90 to 180 days for an amendment to an antimicrobial registration that requires scientific review of data and that is not otherwise described in this paragraph. "(3) IMPLEMENTATION.— "(A) PROPOSED RULEMAKING.— "(i) ISSUANCE. — Not later than 270 days after the Federal Register, date of enactment of this subsection, the Administrator publication, shall publish in the Federal Register proposed regulations to accelerate and improve the review of antimicrobial pesticide products designed to implement, to the extent practicable, the goals set forth in paragraph (2). "(ii) REQUIREMENTS. — Proposed regulations issued under clause (i) shall— "(I) define the various classes of antimicrobial use patterns, including household, industrial, and institutional disinfectants and sanitizing pesticides, preservatives, water treatment, and pulp and paper mill additives, and other such products intended to disinfect, sanitize, reduce, or mitigate growth or development of microbiological organisms, or protect inanimate objects, industrial processes or systems, surfaces, water, or other chemical substances from contamination, fouling, or deterioration caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae, or slime; "(II) differentiate the types of review undertaken for antimicrobial pesticides; "(III) conform the degree and type of review to the risks and benefits presented by antimicrobial pesticides and the function of review under this Act, considering the use patterns of the product, toxicity, expected exposure, and product type; "(IV) ensure that the registration process is sufficient to maintain antimicrobial pesticide efficacy and that antimicrobial pesticide products continue to meet product performance standards and effectiveness levels for each type of label claim made; and "(V) implement effective and reliable deadlines for process management. "(iii) COMMENTS. —In developing the proposed regulations, the Administrator shall solicit the views from registrants and other affected parties to maximize the effectiveness of the rule development process. " (B) FINAL REGULATIONS. — "(i) ISSUANCE.— The Administrator shall issue final regulations not later than 240 days after the close of the comment period for the proposed regulations.