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110 STAT. 1506 PUBLIC LAW 104-170—AUG. 3, 1996 Review. "(ii) FAILURE TO MEET GOAL. —If a goal described in paragraph (2) is not met by the final regulations, the Administrator shall identify the goal, explain why the goal was not attained, describe the element of the regulations included instead, and identify future steps to attain the goal. " (iii) REQUIREMENTS.— In issuing final regulations, the Administrator shall— "(I) consider the establishment of a certification process for regulatory actions involving risks that can be responsibly managed, consistent with the degree of risk, in the most cost-efficient manner; "(II) consider the establishment of a certification process by approved laboratories as an adjunct to the review process; "(III) use all appropriate and cost-effective review mechanisms, including— "(aa) expanded use of notification and nonotification procedures; "(bb) revised procedures for application review; and "(cc) allocation of appropriate resources to ensure streamlined management of antimicrobial pesticide registrations; and "(IV) clarify criteria for determination of the completeness of an application. "(C) EXPEDITED REVIEW. — Th is subsection does not affect the requirements or extend the deadlines or review periods contained in subsection (c)(3). "(D) ALTERNATIVE REVIEW PERIODS.—I f the final regulations to carry out this paragraph are not effective 630 days after the date of enactment of this subsection, until the final regulations become effective, the review period, beginning on the date of receipt by the Agency of a complete application, shall be— "(i) 2 years for a new antimicrobial active ingredient pesticide registration; "(ii) 1 year for a new antimicrobial use of a registered active ingredient; "(iii) 180 days for any other new antimicrobial product; "(iv) 90 days for a substantially similar or identical antimicrobial product; "(v) 90 days for an amendment to an antimicrobial registration that does not require scientific review of data; and "(vi) 240 days for an amendment to an antimicrobial registration that requires scientific review of data and that is not otherwise described in this subparagraph. "(E) WOOD PRESERVATIVES. —An application for the registration, or for an amendment to the registration, of a wood preservative product for which a claim of pesticidal activity listed in section 2(mm) is made (regardless of any other pesticidal claim that is made with respect to the product) shall be reviewed by the Administrator within