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110 STAT. 2732 PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 (1) For planning and design of a chemical weapons destruction facility in Russia, $78,500,000. (2) For elimination of strategic offensive arms in Russia, $52,000,000. (3) For strategic nuclear arms elimination in Ukraine, $47,000,000. (4) For planning and design of a storage facility for Russian fissile material, $66,000,000. (5) For fissile material containers in Russia, $38,500,000. (6) For weapons storage security in Russia, $15,000,000. (7) For activities designated as Defense and Military-to- Military Contacts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, $10,000,000. (8) For activities designated as Other Assessments/ Administrative Support, $20,900,000. (9) For materials protection, control, and accounting assistance or for destruction of nuclear, radiological, biological, or chemical weapons or related materials at any site within the former Soviet Union, $10,000,000. (10) For transfer to the Secretary of Energy to develop a cooperative program with the Government of Russia to eliminate the production of weapons grade plutonium at Russian reactors, $10,000,000. (11) For dismantlement of biological and chemical weapons facilities in the former Soviet Union, $15,000,000. (12) For expanding military-to-military programs of the United States that focus on countering the threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to include the security forces of the independent states of the former Soviet Union, particularly states in the Caucasus region and Central Asia, $2,000,000. (b) LIMITED AUTHORITY TO VARY INDIVIDUAL AMOUNTS. — (1) If the Secretary of Defense determines that it is necessary to do so in the national interest, the Secretary may, subject to paragraph (2), obligate amounts for the purposes stated in any of the paragraphs of subsection (a) in excess of the amount specified for those purposes in that paragraph, but not in excess of 115 percent of that amount. However, the total amount obligated for the purposes stated in the paragraphs in subsection (a) may not by reason of the use of the authority provided in the preceding sentence exceed the sum of the amounts specified in those paragraphs. (2) An obligation for the purposes stated in any of the paragraphs in subsection (a) in excess of the amount specified in that paragraph may be made using the authority provided in paragraph (1) only after— (A) the Secretary submits to Congress a notification of the intent to do so together with a complete discussion of the justification for doing so; and (B) 15 days have elapsed following the date of the notification. SEC. 1503. PROHIBITION ON USE OF FUNDS FOR SPECIFIED PURPOSES. (a) IN GENERAL.— None of the funds appropriated pursuant to the authorization in section 301 for Cooperative Threat Reduction programs, or appropriated for such programs for any prior fiscal