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B14 SUBJECT INDEX Native Americans—Continued Pueblo of Isleta Indian tribe, land claims, jurisdiction Saddleback Mountain-Arizona Settlement Act of 1995 Technical corrections to laws NATO See North Atlantic Treaty Organization Natural Gas Pipeline Safety and Partnership Act of 1996 Propane Education and Research Act of 1996 Nazi War Crimes Public disclosure Nebraska Crawford National Fish Hatchery Conveyance Act Irrigation Project Contract Extension Act of 1996 North Platte National Wildlife Refuge, NE, boundary re vision Roman L. Hruska Federal Building and United States Courthouse Nevada Michael O'Callaghan Military Hospital, designation New Hampshire Lamprey River, wild and scenic river, designation Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact Vermont-New Hampshire Interstate Public Water Supply Compact New Jersey Great Falls Historic District, establishment New Mexico Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness Expansion and Fossil Forest Protection Act New York Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge, land acquisition Hudson River Valley National Area Act Rose Y. Caracappa United States Post Office Building, designation Nonprofit Organizations Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, grants Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety Act Edmund S. Muskie Foundation, DC, establishment Fleet Reserve Association, DE, Federal charter Food and grocery donations Page 2418 ... 50 . 763 3793 3370 3815 3018 4000 3014 3046 2806 4149 . 919 . 884 4158 4211 1378 4275 1754 3868 . 515 3868 2760 3011 Page National Film Preservation Foundation, establishment 3382 National Natural Resources Conservation Foundation Act 1010 United States National Tourism Organization, establishment 3403 North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO Enlargement Facilitation Act ^ of 1996 3009-173 North Carolina Hydroelectric project deadline, extension 3170 Veach-Baley Federal Complex, designation 3032 Nurses and Nursing See Health and Health Care O Ohio Hydroelectric projects and licenses, extension 3143,3171 Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor Act of 1996 4267 Thomas D. Lambros Federal building and United States courthouse, designation 1323 Oil See Petroleum and Petroleum Products Oklahoma Emergency Management Assistance Compact, congressional consent 3877 One Nation Under God, Inc 4432 Operation Sail Commendation 3361 Oregon Coquille Tribal Forest, designation 3009-537 David J. Wheeler Federal Building, designation 49 Elkhom Creek, wild and scenic river, designation 3009-531,4223 Hydroelectric project extension deadline, reinstatement 3145 Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, designation 3009-362, 3024 Opal Creek Wilderness and Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area Act of 1996 3009-523 Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation Area, establishment 4215 Oregon Resource Conservation Act of 1996 3009-523 William B. Smullin Visitor Center, designation 4200 William L. Jess Dam and Intake Structure, designation 3006