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112 STAT. 1926 PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 Sec. 612. Three-month extension of certain bonuses and special pay authorities for nurse officer candidates, registered nurses, and nurse anesthetists. Sec. 613. Three-month extension of autnorities relating to payment of other bonuses and special pays. Sec. 614. Increased hazardous duty pay for aerial flight crewmembers in certain pay ^ades. Sec. 615. Aviation career incentive pay and aviation officer retention bonus. Sec. 616. Diving duty special pay for divers having diving duty as a nonprimary duty. Sec. 617. Hardsnip duty pay. Sec. 618. Selective reenlistment bonus eligibility for Reserve members performing active Guard and Reserve duty. Sec. 619. Repeal of 10 percent limitation on certain selective reenlistment bonuses. Sec. 620. Increase in maximum amount authorized for Army enlistment bonus. Sec. 621. Equitable treatment of Reserves eligible for special pay for duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger. Sec. 622. Retention incentives initiative for critically short military occupational specialties. Subtitle C—Travel and Transportation Allowances Sec. 631. Payments for movements of household goods arranged by members. Sec. 632. Exception to maximum weight allowance for baggage and household effects. Sec. 633. Travel and transportation allowances for travel performed by members in connection with rest and recuperative leave from overseas stations. Sec. 634. Storage of baggage of certain dependents. Sec. 635. Commercial ^avel of Reserves at Federal supply schedule rates for attendance at inactive-duty training assemblies. Subtitle D—Retired Pay, Survivor Benefits, and Related Matters Sec. 641. Paid-up coverage under Survivor Benefit Plan. Sec. 642. Survivor Benefit Plan open enrollment period. Sec. 643. Effective date of court-required former spouse Survivor Benefit Plan coverage effectuated through elections and deemed elections. Sec. 644. Presentation of United States flag to members of the Armed Forces upon retirement. Sec. 645. Recovery, care, and disposition of remains of medically retired member who dies during hospitalization that begins while on active duty. Sec. 646. Revision to computation of retired pay for certain members. Sec. 647. Elimination of backlog of unpaid retired pay. Subtitle E—Other Matters Sec. 651. Definition of possessions of the United States for pay and allowances purposes. Sec. 652. Accounting of advance payments. Sec. 653. Reimbursement of rental vehicle costs when motor vehicle transported at Government expense is late. Sec. 654. Education loan repayment program for health professions officers serving in Selected Reserve. Sec. 655. Federal employees' compensation coverage for students participating in certain officer ca ndidate progra ms. Sec. 656. Relationship of enUstment bonuses to eligibility to receive Army college fund supplement under Montgomery GI Bill Educational Assistance Program. Sec. 657. Authority to provide financial assistance for education of certain defense dependents overseas. Sec. 658. Clarifications concerning payments to certain persons captured or interned by North Vietnam. TITLE VII—HEALTH CARE PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Health Care Services Sec. 701. Dependents' dental program. Sec. 702. Expansion of dependent eligibility under retiree dental program. Sec. 703. Plan for redesign of military pharmacy system. Sec. 704. Transitional authority to provide continued health care coverage for certain persons unaware of loss of CHAMPUS eligibility. Subtitle B—TRICARE Program Sec. 711. Payment of claims for provision of health care under the TRICARE program for which a third party may be liable.